Embrace QORPO Power: All The Benefits Of Holding $QORPO
Embrace QORPO Power: All The Benefits Of Holding $QORPO

Embrace QORPO Power: All The Benefits Of Holding $QORPO

Blog By Pavel Soral

May 27, 2024, 5 min

QORPO is not just a regular gaming token. Besides standing as the centerpoint that connects our entire ecosystem, $QORPO empowers holders dedicated to games we develop, a platform we build and a community we are all a part of. Let’s get insights into all the perks and benefits our studio token will grant you. Remember, we live and build beyond the market hiccups, we are committed to long-term growth and this is just the beginning of our Web3 journey!

What can you take for granted?

  • Points Multiplier in Farming & Soft-Staking
  • In-game currencies CCASH & MATE
  • Loyalty Points
  • Annual Percentage Yields (APY) - 4th & 5th Level
  • TBA Upcoming Benefit - [REDACTED]

    QORPO Power Tiers Redefined

    We redefined the QORPO Power ranks to bring you more benefits than ever before. QORPO Power gives you multipliers for your farming points, generates in-game currencies CCASH and MATE, gaming points, provides you with annual percentage yields (APY) and earns you loyalty points which you can benefit from toward the QORPO gaming launch pad and [REDACTED].

See the overview of QORPO Power ranks and gains it gives you:


If you don’t hold your $QORPO tokens on QORPO wallet but have them ready on Web3 wallet, you can still stake them directly through smart contract without a need of transferring them to your QORPO Wallet.

QORPO Staking Conditions

While you can earn gaming points, in-game currencies and multipliers within the first 3 tiers, from 3rd tier up you also get loyalty points, but he real deal hits as you enter the 4th and 5th tier of QORPO Power. Getting this high in the QORPO Power level, however, comes with the commitment and obligations from both sides. Let’s see what to expect if you stake enough QORPO to reach APY.

How to Start Staking

Getting started is simple:

  1. Connect your wallet to the claim portal page.
  2. Click on the "Stake Now!" button.
  3. Choose the amount of $QORPO tokens you want to stake and follow the prompts. Note that merely holding $QORPO in your wallet does not count as staking.

    Staking Levels and Benefits

    QORPO Power offers five staking levels, each with different requirements and benefits:

  • Level 1: 100 - 1,000 $QORPO
  • Level 2: 1,001 - 5,000 $QORPO
  • Level 3: 5,001 - 15,000 $QORPO
  • Level 4: 15,001 - 50,000 $QORPO (15% APY)
  • Level 5: 50,001+ $QORPO (30% APY)

Each level provides specific rewards, including daily CCASH and MATE, gaming points, and loyalty points. Higher levels offer greater benefits. Do you ask what these loyalty points are? Let us explain. QORPO Ecosystem is constantly growing and there are new perks and features of QORPO World introduced every quarter. We do always take care of our most loyal and valuable community members but from now on it counts. Gathering loyalty points might be the most crucial opportunity for you in the future QORPO World ecosystem expansion. Ultimately, loyalty points will reward you in the long-run and it’s crucial how early you start collecting them.

APY and Daily Rewards

Your tokens, your choice, you can either lock your $QORPO and earn APY or stake it with no APY, but also without a lock. In the latter case, you still earn all the benefits except for APY. But don’t risk a penalty in case you’d withdraw your tokens sooner. Let’s see the overview of annual percentage yields you can earn per each tier. The APY for each level is as follows:

  • Levels 1-3: No APY
  • Level 4: 15% APY
  • Level 5: 30% APY

Daily rewards vary by level and can include:

  • Level 1: +10 CCASH, +10 MATE, +50 Gaming Points
  • Level 2: +20 CCASH, +20 MATE, +100 Gaming Points
  • Level 3: +40 CCASH, +40 MATE, +150 Gaming Points, 51-150 Loyalty Points
  • Level 4: +100 CCASH, +100 MATE, +200 Gaming Points, 151-500 Loyalty Points
  • Level 5: +500 CCASH, +500 MATE, +250 Gaming Points, 501+ Loyalty Points

    Farming and Soft-Staking Multipliers

    The multipliers for farming and soft-staking are:

  • Level 1: 1.2x Farming, 1.2x Soft-Staking
  • Level 2: 1.4x Farming, 1.4x Soft-Staking
  • Level 3: 1.6x Farming, 1.6x Soft-Staking
  • Level 4: 1.8x Farming, 1.8x Soft-Staking
  • Level 5: 2.0x Farming, 2.0x Soft-Staking

    Lock-in Periods and Penalties

    For APY pools, the minimum lock-in period is 12 months. Early unstaking incurs penalties:

  • Within 30 days: 30% penalty
  • Within 60 days: 15% penalty
  • Within 90 days: 10% penalty
  • 90-365 days: No penalty, but no APY
  • After 365 days: Full APY benefits

Note that the penalty reduces the staked amount of tokens by the corresponding percentage.

Managing Your Staking

You can check your staking status and rewards by connecting your wallet or QORPO ID to the staking dashboard. Increasing your staked amount can elevate you to a higher level with more benefits. However, increasing the amount in APY pools initiates a new staking period with new conditions.

Multi-chain QORPO Staking

We have smart contracts for QORPO Power on BNB and ETH. Sure, you can hold your $QORPO tokens on both, but you can get yourself short of APY. For instance, if you hold 25k $QORPO on BNB and 25k $QORPO on ETH, your QORPO ID will be maxed out to the level that equals 50,001 tokens (5th level), but you won’t get APY. To get APY, you need to hold your $QORPO on a single chain.

Participation and Ecosystem Expansion

Anyone with $QORPO tokens can participate. As the QORPO ecosystem grows, so will the rewards and benefits of staking. While you can hold $QORPO tokens across multiple chains, holding them on a single chain is necessary to receive APY. Join the QORPO Power staking program today to unlock a world of rewards and maximize your crypto potential!


Blog By Pavel Soral

May 27, 2024, 5 min

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