New Airdrop Farming Kick-Off: QORPO & NFT Power Upgrades Revealed
New Airdrop Farming Kick-Off: QORPO & NFT Power Upgrades Revealed

New Airdrop Farming Kick-Off: QORPO & NFT Power Upgrades Revealed

Blog By Pavel Soral

May 19, 2024, 6 min

Warriors, it’s farming time again! On May 20th, we are launching another season of the $QORPO farming campaign, revamped and upgraded with more balanced and equitable conditions for all. Let’s take a deep dive into the redefined way of completing quests toward the awe-striking heap of 300,000 tokens. Dig in to get the biggest chunk.

The Next Airdrop Farming Wrap-Up

  • Duration: From May 20th to June 20th, 12 pm UTC - all categories
  • Prize Pool: 300,000 tokens overall, divided into 3 categories: Farming (250k), Gaming (30k), Zealy (20k)
  • Rewards distribution: We will distribute rewards one day after campaigns conclude, on Friday, June 21st, at 3 pm UTC. (Only Zealy is currently running)
  • Snapshots: Snapshots will be carried out randomly during the month.
  • Chain: Rewards will be distributed on BNB Chain
  • Reward Pool: 300,000 $QORPO tokens

    How to start farming for the upcoming QORPO airdrop

    To start your farming journey, create your QORPO World account and head over to the farming page, which you can access through the top menu on the home page. To give you the refined questing experience, we ditch the dull social tasks. Forget mindless clicking and get to it through ecosystem and gaming quests. Essentially, QORPO farming consists of building on-chain activity and playing the game.

In the QORPO farming, which consists of gaming and ecosystem tasks, you vie for 250,000 QORPO tokens. The rest of the overall prize pool will be distributed between pure gaming Leaderboard and Zealy campaign. Gaming will see you with the total prize pool of 30,000 QORPO tokens and Zealy enjoys the rest 20,000 QORPO tokens.

To start things off, let’s see how much you can earn in the upcoming QORPO farming, consisting of 250k tokens in total:

  • 1st place: 4,400 tokens
  • 2nd place: 3,500 tokens
  • 3rd place: 2,452 tokens
  • 4th to 10th place: 1,724 tokens each
  • 11th to 30th place: 862 tokens each
  • 31st to 100th place: 431 tokens each
  • 101st to 250th place: 216 tokens each
  • 251st to 1000th place: 105 tokens each
  • 1001st to 2000th place: 69 tokens each

Buy Battle Pass to Boost your Farming Points

Buy the battle pass and get a farming boost and assets worth hundreds of dollars on top. Your Battle Pass boosts your gaming points by 20%, giving you a significant edge in $QORPO airdrop farming. You'll receive the boost immediately after purchasing your Battle Pass. If you already have one, you can validate it in your QORPO profile and enjoy the same boost.

Gaming Leaderboard with a Separate Prize Pool

As we enter the upcoming farming season, we will allocate an overall prize of 30,000 tokens just for gaming. As always, you can either break in solo and vie for a prize pool allocated to Solo Leaderboard, or you can squad up your team and fight for prizes allocated for the Team Leaderboard. Complete quests, skill up and climb up the leaderboard for demonstrating your excellence on the battlefield. In this segment of our airdrop incentives, players earn points only for gaming actions listed below. No NFT or QORPO Power will impact your standing.

How you earn points to the Gaming Leaderboard:

  • Kill: - 100 Score
  • Assists: - 50 Score
  • Defend kill: - 50 Score
  • Headshot kill: -150 Score
  • Takeover: - 250 Score
  • Neutralization: - 100 Score
  • Revive: - 100 Score
  • Death: - 0 Score

Solo Leaderboard

  • 1st place: 1,600 tokens
  • 2nd - 5th place: 1,050 tokens
  • 6th - 25th place: 210 tokens
  • 26th - 100th place: 55 tokens
  • 101st - 250th place: 27 tokens
  • 251st - 500th place: 12 tokens

Teams Leaderboard

  • 1st place: 775 tokens
  • 2nd - 5th place: 450 tokens
  • 6th - 25th place: 90 tokens
  • 26th - 100th place: 22 tokens
  • 101st - 250th place: 12 tokens
  • 251st - 500th place: 4 tokens

    Separate Zealy Leaderboard Introduction

    On May 20th at 12 pm UTC, we’re starting a new Zealy farming campaign on a separate leaderboard, which you can find in the Zealy campaign overview. Points you harvest on Zealy campaign won’t contribute to your overall points balance in QORPO farming; we’ll launch this incentive as a separate campaign. Do tasks, raise your ranks and claim the biggest share of 20,000 $QORPO tokens we allocated exclusively for Zealy farmers.

To be eligible, have your QORPO wallet ready and start completing Zealy quests. We will reward the 500 best-performing participants. Check out the overview of token rewards per Zealy leaderboard rank:

  • 1st position: 1,000 tokens
  • 2nd position: 600 tokens
  • 3rd - 5th position: 400 tokens
  • 6th - 10th position: 200 tokens
  • 11th - 100th position: 60 tokens
  • 101st - 500th position: 27 tokens

Rewards will be distributed to your QORPO wallets on June 21st, at 3 pm UTC.

QORPO Power Redefined

We redefined the QORPO Power ranks to bring you more benefits than ever before. QORPO Power gives you multipliers for your farming points, generates in-game currencies CCASH and MATE, gaming points, provides you with annual percentage yields (APY) and earns you loyalty points which you can benefit from toward the QORPO gaming launch pad.

See the overview of QORPO Power ranks and gains it gives you:


If you don’t hold your $QORPO tokens on QORPO wallet but have them ready on Web3 wallet, you can still stake them directly through smart contract without a need of transferring them to your QORPO Wallet.

NOTE: This is going to be applicable once the smart contract of QORPO Power is live. Until then, old QORPO Power mechanism applies.

NFT Power Redefined

We also redefined NFT Power, providing more balanced and fair conditions for our Genesis NFT holders. From now on, it doesn’t matter whether it's Citizen Zero or AneeMate Genesis Zero NFT, all count equally. You can raise your NFT Power rank by owning a single Genesis NFT up to 10 Genesis NFTs which will max out your NFT gains.

Let’s see how much you can benefit from specific NFT Power rank:


NOTE: Your QORPO and NFT Power multipliers multiply together. Therefore, if you max out your QORPO Power (2x) and NFT Power (2x), you get a total of 4x multiplier.


Blog By Pavel Soral

May 19, 2024, 6 min

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