QORPO Insights: Meet our Weapons Modeler, Javid Shukurlu
QORPO Insights: Meet our Weapons Modeler, Javid Shukurlu

QORPO Insights: Meet our Weapons Modeler, Javid Shukurlu

Blog By Pavel Soral

Jun 01, 2023, 5 min

How do you enjoy Citizen Conflict gunplay so far? All those astonishing models in your hands... Muse feel amazing, right? We believe you'll be intrigued to learn more about a man who stands behind the 3D models you, as a Ether Islands hero, can hold tightly in your hands.


Javid Shukurlu in another incredibly talented artist from QORPO team. After many years of freelancing and collaborations with couple of influential creative studios all around the world he has finally join QORPO Game Studio and keeps enticing us with his exceptional knack for weapons design. Let's jump right in!

Hi, Javid! Please, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! I'm 25 years old self-taught 3D Hard-Surface Artist from Azerbaijan. Although I have a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management and a Master's degree in Marketing, I’ve always been more akin to the artistic sphere rather than what my formal education trained me for. I’ve always been passionate about gaming and visual art. Soon enough, my love for games and art made me reconsider my career decisions and become a full-blown 3D Artist.

How did you become an artist rather than a manager or a marketer?

I started to be interested in 3D while I was still studying, but I always loved to draw. My first sketches come from the times when I was a kid. I still have the pictures I drew at 15. That’s why I started to realize that my passion lies elsewhere, and I wanted to delve deeper into arts and design.


Another reason why I ended up as a 3D artist stems from my dedication to games. I’m a huge fan of the Battlefield series, especially Battlefield 4. I’m also big on car games, the Test Drive Unlimited series being among my favorite. Toms Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands also ranks really well with me.

So quite naturally, I wanted to connect both of my passions.

What did your career as a 3D artist look like from the start?

I was lucky enough to start my 3D artistic journey with hands-on experience at work. Initially, I began freelancing and soon ended up at Istanbul-based Infima Studio as a weaponry artist. Right afterward, I moved on to try my hand at vehicle design as a Vehicle Artist at ROOM 8 Studio.

The last place I worked at before joining QORPO Game Studio was Next-Gen Dream Studio in Australia. In that position, at returned to my weapons-designing beginnings. Unfortunately, I can’t share it here since the work hasn’t been published yet.


Moving forward to QORPO Game Studio, what was your motivation to join us, and how did you even learn that we were hiring?

Actually, the hiring team reached out to me first. After I posted my personal project, Makarov PB9, on ArtStation, I got a message from the QORPO Game Studio team. After I learned that they’re looking for a skilled 3D Weapon Artist, I immediately started to discuss whether I was a good fit for the position.

We talked about the game Citizen Conflict, and I started to like it. I did my research on the company, finally realizing that I was too intrigued to let this go. The team sent me some test assignments and after they saw my work, I was hired.


What exactly does your job at QORPO Game Studio entail? Let’s get into more detail.

I make actual 3D models of Citizen Conflict right after I receive sketches and concept art. It starts with a blockout of the gun, adding more details until I’m finished, basically. When I’m done with this step, I send it to the team, and when it gets approved, I continue perfecting the rough version with High Poly, Low Poly, UV, and Texturing.

What makes you the most motivated and content with your position?

Having a share in the success of the company is the greatest accomplishment for me. I feel more experienced after joining QORPO. Making weapons that I have never done before is a brilliant experience for my career growth.

What are you into in your free time?

I'm also a collector of car models, especially fixated on Volvo. I love to spend time with my model cars. Further, I love cats. I have a cat named Kuki. I spend time with her when I am tired of working, it always makes me more relaxed. And finally, Games... I usually spend the weekends playing games.


Ready to shoot your way through Ether Islands? We know you do! Make your first step and get your QORPO ID.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Jun 01, 2023, 5 min

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