QORPO Insights: Meet Michal Farkaš, our Backend Developer
QORPO Insights: Meet Michal Farkaš, our Backend Developer

QORPO Insights: Meet Michal Farkaš, our Backend Developer

Blog By Pavel Soral

Jun 15, 2023,

Meet another essential part of our team. This time, we are heppy to introduce you to our incredibly talented brainiac from our development department. Michal Farkaš is a backend guru with mounds of experience, solid background in AI development, and broad IT overview backed up by top-notch education.


Spoiler alert! - Michal loves RC cars, games (of course), and his favorite pet, Python. Go on, and learn his story!

Hi, Michal! Right off the bat, please, tell me more about your background. How did you get into the IT field?

It all started during my teenage years in high school. We had an excellent teacher who did anything within his possibilities to engage us in IT. So basically, I was lucky to have a positive introduction to this field.

As to why did I choose IT over other fields, frankly, it was much smoother for me. I also used to be good at maths, but that demanded lots of hard work and grinding away. IT, on the other hand, was much easier to grasp for me.

That’s why I moved on to the Faculty of Information Technologies right after graduating from high school, where I successfully earned my engineering degree. The hiccups in my studies followed shortly after.

What happened?

Things stacked up, and I was continuously getting a bit overwhelmed. I got a part-time job at DXC Technologies, where I was deeply involved in machine learning projects while trying to finalize my dissertation in pursuit of a Ph.D., still at the Faculty of Information Technology. Needless to say, it was taking its toll, yet once, the DXC management decided to lay off part-time contractors. Thus I found myself relieved of that burden.

After all, I enjoyed being laid off at that time since all that pressure was cumulating toward unreasonable measures. I could finally fully focus on my dissertation. However, it appeared to be too late for me. Working on the dissertation, I burnt out, I lacked the motivation and willpower to go on. Noticeably, that was about the time of Covid, so all the covid-crisis related issues deteriorated my overall mindset.

To make things worse, coincidentally, the entire faculty crumbled under personal turbulence, and some bad rep issues hit the media headlines all over Slovakia. Hence most of the people I worked with there quit to move on.

What did you do after such a troubling outcome?

Luckily, still at DXC, I got to know Boris, our CTO at QORPO. One day, he approached ma, as if out of nowhere, stating that he was looking for a highly skilled Python developer to join his team. My dissertation involved lots of Python coding, albeit in quite different aspects; it was revolving around artificial intelligence. This alone was making me a great fit for the job. Obviously, I joined.

My efforts toward my dissertation suffered, also due to the suddenly hostile environment on the faculty, but as the whole faculty went downhill, I repurposed my career aspirations and joined QORPO Game Studio full time.

What motivated you to opt for QORPO Game Studio?

Firstly, I got here mainly because Boris invited me to his team, yet still, the gaming aspect played some role in it. I mean, every IT developer who’s ever been even slightly into gaming has had a dream of making games someday.

Since you joined QORPO, what are all the projects you have been involved in so far?

In general, I’m in charge of application backend development. Over the last year, we’ve been working intensively in Unreal Engine, and my duty is to orchestrate the servers behind it, more recently, I’ve been fully involved in solving matchmaking for Citizen Conflict multiplayer, gathering statistics, and so on…

On top of the job, what are you into? What are your preferred pastime activities?

Like almost anyone else, I like to read and watch series, play games, and such. Quite outside the ordinary, I’m into RC cars; sports models, off-roads, and anything with remarkable horsepower. Interestingly, had I enough time, I’d love to make my RC aircraft. So once I’m free, in search of a new project, this is going to be it.

Lastly, what are your future goals and aspirations?

Besides developing my RC passion, I’m invested in progressing in IT and trying out new technologies. We live in a fast-paced and vibrant world, so I strive to stay up to date.

Go ahead and take a first step into the emerging ecosystem of games, esports, and competitive experiences. Get your Alpha Key now!


Blog By Pavel Soral

Jun 15, 2023,

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