QORPO Insights: Meet out Front End Web Developer, Kornel Oselský
QORPO Insights: Meet out Front End Web Developer, Kornel Oselský

QORPO Insights: Meet out Front End Web Developer, Kornel Oselský

Blog By Pavel Soral

Jul 20, 2023, 5 min

Welcome Kornel, our Front End Web Developer. Kornel has been with us since our early days and has left a mark on every web and web app we've developed so far. It's not a conincidence that Kornel crafts websites for the game studio. Besides front end development, he is also a passionate gamer with considerable game dev efforts in his spare time.


Hi, to kick this off, how did you get into the world of IT?

It all began shortly prior to my high school studies. I had to move on, honestly, not knowing exactly what to do with my life, yet still, the first career choice had to be made. After some initial research, I found out that IT is a perspective field, which helped me make my first steps into programming. Finally, I ended up choosing an IT-specialized high school. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it’s not just a perspective career choice, but I also enjoy doing it.

What inspired you to focus on Web Development?

I always wanted to do something that has a creative side. That’s how I decided to specialize in front-end web development. It’s not just about coding. You have to be inventive, especially when working on styling and web animations. So to address your question, I’m most proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or TypeScript. Of course, I tried my hands at backend programming; I have some experience with C++, PHP, or Python, but it’s not really my thing.

What did you do after finishing high school?

When I graduated, a broad scale of options emerged. But by that time, I was convinced that I wanted to be a programmer, so I headed to the Faculty of IT at the Slovak University of Technology. However, my academic journey was short-lived because, at the same time, I got invited to work at QORPO Game Studio. And as my QORPO career progressed, I assigned my work more priority than my studies, so I finally decided to quit the university and focus solely on my job. It was about one and a half years since the beginning of my university studies.

After joining QORPO Game Studio, what did your responsibilities look like?

It was funny. I barely knew anything about real programming. I started rather as a styler, working mainly in HTML and CSS, which strictly can’t be considered programming. Yet still, I was happy to have hands-on experience from the day first. I started to be more serious about JavaScript and TypeScript at QORPO, learning things along the way. After two years at QORPO, I can say that I got my hands dirty with the front end for every web we’ve ever had.


What does the front-end development look like in practice?

It all starts with the design provided by the Web Designer. You receive some specification that clarifies the functionality of the web. Once you have everything you need, you can start thinking about how to create the web that corresponds with the assignment.

What are the main differences between working on simple webs and working on complicated web apps?

When you work on a simpler, not-that-interactive web, the main difference is that the main thing you have to be concerned about is the styling; you barely need to do the programming at all. The most advanced feature of code is the functioning buttons. On the other hand, when you’re tasked with complex interactive web and web apps, you need to plan things ahead. It takes time to come up with a sensible web structure, and it can be quite demanding to apply the most efficient and unbloated way how to execute the whole project.

What is the biggest challenge of building the front end of the complex interactive web?

The most substantial thing is to stick to the best practices so the entire project will be sustainable and scalable. That means anyone from the team can adapt to the code easily, and in case a new programmer would step in, it will be much easier for him to pick it up and build up on it.

Do you have any other projects besides your job?

I started to learn how to make games using Godot Engine. It’s meant mainly for 2D games, but you can also build a 3D game in it. What I like about it is that it’s even more creative than front-end development. You’re able to create and code anything you can think of, and it’s more interactive.

Why did you opt for lower profile games instead of AAA development?

I didn’t want to start with extremely complicated game development cause it will always require “millions” of developers to work on it. I wanted to be able to make games on my own. Some simple titles you can accomplish on your own.

Are you only interested in building the games, or do you pursue knowledge also in game design?

Sure. I want to be able to design the game and create it. But I’m still in the learning stage, so it will take some time. Especially when you’re working on “single-developer” games, you need to know a bit about everything.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I’m playing hockey, which keeps me going in the sports. Recently I found a girlfriend, so I’m spending time with her. And lastly, of course, I like to play some PC games. If you want to make games, you have to play them first.

Thanks for the interview!

Thanks you too!


Blog By Pavel Soral

Jul 20, 2023, 5 min

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