Smooth Mainstream Gamers Onboarding in QORPO WORLD
Smooth Mainstream Gamers Onboarding in QORPO WORLD

Smooth Mainstream Gamers Onboarding in QORPO WORLD

Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 08, 2024, 5 min

Ever since we launched our platform for the first time, we had a vision to build a Web3-powered experience that would be accessible to mainstream users. We accepted no compromises, we kept on building the platform that works for gamers, traders, and collectors across Web2 and Web3. Welcome to QORPO WORLD, a virtual place where all-things-gaming meet and thrive.


A vast library of games

QORPO WORLD has always been a platform dedicated to (not only) Web3 gaming. Boasting a truly vast library of games across a multitude of game genres. Most notably, in our Games section you can seamlessly access all our gaming titles, dwelling under one roof. What’s so enticing for mainstream gamers here? We are bringing standards of major Web2 games distribution platforms to Web3.


Web3 gaming still lacks a monolithic power player, such as Steam or Epic Games Store. While we’re not seeking to become the despotic ruler of blockchain gaming, we are certainly dedicated to cater the experience Web2 players are used to. You can find all you’re looking for in our games library:

  • Detailed game overview
  • Ratings and community reviews
  • Web3 stats (such as chains and tokens)
  • Social media links & embeds
  • Extensive library of videos and images
  • Technical requirements
  • An overview of gaming assets (Virtual Assets and NFTs)

    Bridge between Virtual Assets and NFTs

    At QORPO WORLD, we're pioneering the fusion of Web2 ease-of-use with the groundbreaking potential of Web3 blockchain technology, specifically through the lens of novel Web2.5 gaming standards. Our platform stands as a beacon of our commitment to blending the familiar, engaging gameplay of Web2 with the revolutionary ownership and trading possibilities enabled by Web3. By weaving Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and virtual assets into the fabric of our gaming environment, we aim to elevate the user experience to unprecedented levels.

Our dedication to the principles of Web2.5 gaming is driven by a vision to democratize the gaming landscape, making it equally accessible and rewarding for both traditional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. This approach not only ensures true ownership and the freedom to trade in a vibrant ecosystem but also preserves the intuitive, engaging gameplay that gamers love. At QORPO WORLD, crypto layers are optional. If you want to just enjoy the gameplay, you’re free to do so with traditional virtual assets. However, every virtual asset can be easily minted as an NFT.

Virtual Assets vs NFTs

  • Virtual Assets (VAs) - In conventional gaming, virtual assets are typically licenses from the developer, letting players use them within the game according to specific terms. Ownership is restricted, with developers controlling the in-game economy, pricing, and rules. This centralized approach means players don't truly own these assets but rather have limited rights to use them, keeping the economic system within the developer's domain.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) - In-game Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) revolutionize how players own game assets. Unlike traditional virtual items, NFTs are blockchain-based, granting real ownership that goes beyond the game. This allows players to trade and transfer these assets freely, highlighting their uniqueness and decentralized nature. In contrast, traditional in-game items are often restricted by the game developers' rules, limiting their use and ownership to a more centralized, controlled environment.

    Mint your VA to NFT easily

    It’s never been this simple to mint your Virtual Asset as NFT. Just head over to the Wallet section and the overview of all your assets will show up.


In the left menu, you can apply filter to your Virtual Assets and choose the one you wish to mint.


Upon clicking on the mint button, a pop up will appear, where you can see the summary of the transaction, including your wallet, minting fee, the detail of minted asset. If you want to proceed, just confirm the transaction and your Virtual Asset will become an NFT in a few instances.


NOTE: Every minting of Virtual Asset brings a new NFT to life, which simultaneously initiates $QORPO token burning, reducing its supply, thus utilizing the deflation mechanism.

Intuitive assets management

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, QORPO WORLD has taken significant strides to enhance user experience with a keen focus on intuitive asset management. The platform's latest update introduces a series of improvements that redefine how players interact with their digital assets, making the process not just easier but more enjoyable.

Simplified QORPO Wallet Navigation

At the heart of these enhancements lies the revamped QORPO wallet. Known for its user-friendly interface, the wallet now boasts added functionalities that streamline the management of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Virtual Assets. With the new filter feature, users can effortlessly sift through their holdings with just a click, providing a clear and organized view of their assets. The updated dashboard, equipped with easy drag-and-drop features, allows for the quick deposit of funds and a simplified overview of all assets within the wallet.

Direct Integration with Gaming Assets

Another groundbreaking feature is the Games filter within the QORPO wallet. This addition offers players a comprehensive summary of all the games they are involved in, along with the corresponding NFTs, Virtual Assets (VAs), and in-game currencies. Such integration ensures that players have a full overview of their gaming assets, enhancing their engagement and investment in the gaming ecosystem.

Furthermore, the platform encourages the use of preferred Web3 wallets by allowing seamless connectivity. For those who favor external wallets, switching to a Web3 Wallet and connecting it to QORPO WORLD is made straightforward, ensuring that all players, regardless of their wallet preference, can enjoy a unified gaming experience. We support MetaMask, OKX Wallet and Wallet Connect.

Enhanced Market Accessibilitynoregbuyphoto2024-02-0816-44-30.jpg

QORPO WORLD has also addressed a common barrier to entry in the NFT marketplace by eliminating the need for registration before making purchases. This move significantly lowers the threshold for new users, allowing them to use their Web3 wallets to buy collectibles directly on the marketplace. It's a reflection of QORPO WORLD's commitment to making Web3 gaming and asset acquisition as inclusive and accessible as possible.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 08, 2024, 5 min

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