Earn $CCASH in Citizen Conflict and Become the Wealthiest Citizen
Earn $CCASH in Citizen Conflict and Become the Wealthiest Citizen

Earn $CCASH in Citizen Conflict and Become the Wealthiest Citizen

Blog By Pavel Soral

Apr 18, 2024, 5 min

Citizens, as the new Citizen Conflict update is getting hot with rapid progress, we introduce you to the Citizen Conflict’s in-game currency - CyberCash, commonly known as $CCASH among the rogues and thugs of Ether Islands streets. Let’s find out how to raid fistfuls of this loot and what it will get you.


$CCASH is an in-game currency, NOT a token

Before digging deeper into the depths of Ether Islands’ monetary system, let’s start off with making things clear. Although this fancy octagonal coin comes with a distinct ticker - $CCASH - don’t be misled by the looks. $CCASH is not a crypto currency you could buy or trade on any exchange.

Unlike our studio token $QORPO, $CCASH is a mere digital currency tied to the in-game environment of Citizen Conflict. Just like virtual coins you used to earn in the early traditional games, $CCASH is going to serve as a loot you can get within our hero shooter Citizen Conflict, however, its value transcends its nature. Let’s see what this virtual coin can get you!

QORPO Box vs. Loot Box

  • QORPO Box - $CCASH is your best pal for unlocking QORPO Boxes. These heavy chests are loaded with $QORPO tokens; each QORPO Box will reward you with a certain randomized amount of $QORPO tokens. Opening 1 QORPO Box will cost you 1,000 $CCASH.

  • Loot Box - We believe you’re well-acquainted with Loot Boxes, packed with valuable hero and weapon skins along with fancy gaming cosmetics. You’ll be able to open Loot Boxes as Virtual Assets (VAs) in game as you progress through your account level - by earning Score. Everything you get will be represented as VA, but if you fancy a full-fledged NFT, feel free to mint it in your QORPO WORLD account by covering a small minting fee. Another way to get Loot Boxes is through Battle Pass, or randomly dropped after the Citizen Conflict match. Furthermore, from now on, you’ll have a chance to get $CCASH!

How to earn $CCASH in Citizen Conflict?

There are a couple of main avenues that can lead you toward a wealth of $CCASH, laden with gaining Score. You can either get rewarded with Score for your gaming reaches or complete daily and weekly tasks tied to gaming. Combine both options, be diligent and become the wealthiest of all citizens on Ether Islands. Here’s how to raid the $CCASH treasury through getting Score.

How to earn Score and level up

Your actions are what you live for once you enter the battle arena. Every kill, every assist and every control point you defend or take over not only increases your score to win the match. As we unleashed $CCASH, these actions can see you with the virtual coins of Citizen Conflict, as you accumulate Score. Here’s how much you’ll get:

  • Kill: 100 Score
  • Assist: 25 Score
  • Takeover: 100 Score
  • Defend: 100 Score

Completing daily & weekly tasks

On top of maxing out your Score via gaming actions, you can fulfill daily and weekly gaming tasks. Each of these tasks will grant you some Score if fully completed. Here’s how much much Score you’ll get by fulfilling each daily or weekly task:

  • Daily task: 1,000 Score
  • Weekly task: 3,000 Score

Level up to earn $CCASH

Citizen Conflict is far beyond just hoarding Score. It’s about evolving and getting on top of the gaming tier. As you earn Score, you can progress through multiple in-game account tiers, while each tier rewards you with certain perks. As you progress, you are unlocking not only new in-game content, such as gadgets, achieving some levels will see you with $CCASH going your way. There are 19 account levels overall, let’s see how much $CCASH you earn for each:

  • 100 $CCASH - Level, 2, 5, 14
  • 150 $CCASH - All the rest

Embrace QORPO Power & NFT Power to earn $CCASH

Loyalty to the QORPO ecosystem pays off. Besides gaming efforts, there’s another way to maximize your $CCASH stack. This road takes you through by holding $QORPO tokens on your QORPO Wallet and holding our Genesis NFTs - Citizen Zero and AneeMate Genesis Zero. By keeping $QORPO tokens and Genesis NFTs in your QORPO Wallet, you'll consistently earn $CCASH, strengthening the mutual benefits between the player and the game's economy.

Here you can see the overview of QORPO Power levels:


Here you can see the overview of NFT Power levels:


Open Loot Boxes

You're likely familiar with Loot Boxes, filled with coveted hero and weapon skins, as well as stylish gaming cosmetics. As you advance through your account level by accumulating Score, you'll have the opportunity to unlock these Loot Boxes as Virtual Assets (VAs) within the game. All items acquired will be available as VAs, but should you prefer to have them as full-fledged NFTs, you can mint them in your QORPO WORLD account for a gas fee. Additionally, Loot Boxes can be obtained via the Battle Pass. Plus, you also have the chance to earn $CCASH! Just how much? There’s a drop chance for 3 batches.

  • Small batch - 5 $CCASH
  • Medium batch - 10 $CCASH
  • Large batch - 20 $CCASH

You can get Loot Boxes either on QORPO World, as a random drop after every completed Citizen Conflict match, or through Battle Pass.

All you can do with $CCASH

You can look forward to a thrill of hoarding your $CCASH loot as the next update of Citizen Conflict hits the stage. Be ready and don’t miss out on the news. We are getting ready and so should you! Because your time to get lots of $CCASH comes. And remember, this in-game currency is not just a regular digit.

It’s your gateway to QORPO Boxes that contain real $QORPO tokens. Level up as much as you can and claw QORPO Boxes open. Furthermore, in the Q2 update, $CCASH introduces several exciting features that significantly enhance your gaming and shopping experience, such as buying Battle Pass, in-game content, and use it in a store.

As we continue developing our upcoming game title AneeMate, we are delighted to announce that just like $CCASH in Citizen Conflict, AneeMate will bring its own in-game currency $MATE. Stay tuned for more details, as we’ll soon unveil all the $MATE details.

Disclaimer: Score targets presented in this blog post are subject to potential change in the future. As the game evolves, we seek to provide the best player experience possible, adjusting the details to serve the needs of our growing player-base.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Apr 18, 2024, 5 min

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