Enter The Portal: AneeMate Full Storyline
Enter The Portal: AneeMate Full Storyline

Enter The Portal: AneeMate Full Storyline

Blog By Pavel Soral

May 20, 2024, 10 min


Welcome to the land of wonders and fantasies unchained. An imagination in every child’s mind sparked the idea. The idea lived on and formed the primeval chaos into a land of wonders and mystery. An island hidden from adults and non-believers, beckoning all the children of faith in. For children’s minds bear the power to create universes, unfold mysteries, and bring ideas to life…

…and then they grow up.


The Origin of Hidden Islands

Every wonder we know comes from the purest essence of thought - a force that pushes ever-evolving landscapes of the universe forward. The immense power of imagination is what sparks life aflame in the sempiternal dance of creation. Thus were the Hidden Islands, a refuge for every kid that holds onto the faith of life so vivid, woven with mysteries, brimming with unyielding adventure.

Before the first foundation of this fantastical land stood strong in the realm so distant from our world, small shards of elemental origins, the essence of childish youthfulness and vigor breathed life into what we now call Hidden Islands. They were called Yipees. Though benign-looking, these elemental cuties are the most powerful inhabitants of Hidden Islands. In fact, they formed the beauty and shaped every corner of this ethereal realm. Yipees represent every element that breathes life into Hidden Islands.

Fire, water, nature, electricity, and psychic - each of these formidable powers come from the will of Yipees, each creating the foundation for the piece of Hidden Islands. Once the ground of this magical land fully formed, spanning vast pastures, deep forests and the skyscraping hilltops, Yipees sparked life into the creatures who find Hidden Islands their home; a paradise unseen where harmony of all essence arises from the intrinsic synergy.

The Rise and Fall of AneeMates

Transcending measures of wildest imagination, swarms of adorable creatures of miscellaneous shapes, colors, and forms started to inhabit these islands. As Yipees pushed boundaries of their fantasies, soon the entire realm of Hidden Islands housed creatures belonging to the origin of every element that was to be found.

From the beginning, all AneeMates lived in heavenly peace, undisturbed, brooded in the immaculate existence of their still lives. Everything was so harmonious, pristine and untouched by decay. As the purest reflection of beauty that wells within the mind of the virtuous.

It all had to change, unawares dragging the world of Hidden Islands toward the imminent disarray.

Skies turned blazing red. Like pyres the heavenly vista burned. As if the celestial dome collapsed, crushing down in all-consuming flames. When suddenly, there was dark.

The sun was no longer.

And then, a massive explosion devoured all that defined the boundaries of the fathomless horizon. The meteor rolling down from the sky hit the surface of Hidden Islands, only to plague all their mesmerizing beauty. All of a sudden, the clearest of waters were rendered depotable. Poisonous gas leaked from below the scorched Earth. Grass withered and trees contorted in wreathing meanders of those stricken with excruciating pain.

Those AneeMates who survived the armageddon lost their sanity. Poisoned, disoriented and confused, the toxicity of such a hostile environment cast a curse on their friendly nature.

AneeMates got vile and aggressive, fighting each other and threatening what little beauty has left upon the tormented face of Hidden Islands.

The Portal Opens


The darkness that followed seeded a thorough discontent in minds of Yipees who created Hidden Islands to celebrate the enigma of untouched beauty of childish imagination and diversity present in the harmony of contrasting elements.

Hidden Islands felt the urge to call out for salvation. And as the all-surrounding turmoil expanded, Yipees heard the desperate call of their creation. Hence, they opened the portal that connects two worlds so distant, yet deeply connected within the mind of every child.

Portal opened as a spawn to another world, dozens of glimmering orbs emerged all around the globe, their persistent call urging receptive children to find them in the most unlikely locations. The time has come to flood Hidden Islands with those who only can save them from the certain doom - children, so fragile compared to adults, yet brave in their hearts. And this is how the first group of Earthly children found their way to Hidden Islands.

And the first thing their eyes met once they landed was so unexpected. Little, fidgety creatures, Yipees just like from fairy tales filled the surroundings. At first hesitant, Yipees hid away behind trees, rocks, and disappeared in tiny nooks. Yet the children overcame the fear Yipees felt upon their arrival. Slowly, they approached these mysterious little ones and took time not to scare them. \

Suddenly, there was no more fear, no hesitation. The bond between children and Yipees sparked to life as strong and devoted as it ever could be. This bond at the first touch called them both out on a quest - a quest to save Hidden Islands from any peril that could threaten it.

Discovering Hidden Islands

From time immemorial, the myth lived its own vibrant life. Passed down from generation to generation, the seed of mere thought has been enrooting a story of the fantastical realm in every child's mind.

The Hidden Island. A place of wonders unseen, where miscellaneous creatures reside, and unbound elements of nature define the scope of reality. All children knew the fairytale. Back in the day, when the city was still fashioned in its old looks, with historical buildings huddled in the center and vast stretches of greenery adorning the town parks, the idea of The Hidden Islands wasn’t just a telltale. Children had held tightly onto the belief of every single word contained in the story of unseen paradise. But that was then.

As the city evolved, the industrial sites outgrew the roofs of their homes, factories blighted the air, and the skyscraping high-rise towers devoured the skyline. Instead of the tale of Hidden Islands, they were told the tale of unprecedented prosperity and bloom. The air, now putrid and foul, polluted the memories of the fairytale. Yet still, some kids kept their beliefs intact.

Once upon the dawn of a new day, a small group of believers got lost in the gorge of newly built industrial suburbs. They were the outcasts, the prey of every bully. That’s why they found refuge in the distant parts of a town they used to call home.

Were they in search of something? Either way, what they found, they were not ready for. Suddenly a persistent glitter emerged in the corner of their vision — a portal, just like the one from the fairytale.

Excited beyond measure, the children took a few steps closer as the surroundings started to wane, conveying them to the depths of their beliefs. Suddenly, they appeared in the land they carried deep inside their minds. The Hidden Islands ushered the children into the land of overwhelming beauty and wonder - the one that only those who believe can access.

Partially restored thanks to the unyielding efforts of Yipees, Hidden Islands opened their welcoming arms to usher children into reality so much more enticing than the faded memory of their hometown.

After a few hesitant steps into the mainland, the first inhabitants of the Hidden Island appeared. Children marveled at the creatures they found there, each one more fascinating and mysterious than the last - those were Yipees, so friendly and joyful.

In the heart of the Hidden Islands, the landscape was a tapestry of wonders. Lush forests with trees that bore fruits of every imaginable color, rivers that flowed with shimmering waters, and mountains that touched the skies with their snowy peaks. The air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers and the melodious chirping of birds. It was a paradise, untouched by the ravages of time and human greed. Only in the distance a droning hum of robotic movement pierced the surrounding symphony.

But where are AneeMates? - children wondered, all flustered from frustration. Weren’t these mythical creatures supposed to adorn this paradise as the most intricate creation?

A roar rumbled through the treeline.

Earth quaked.

A dull thud stomped the ground.

Here they were. AneeMates but cursed, deranged by the poisonous inferno the meteor plagued Hidden Islands with.

Children froze terrified. Yipees started aimlessly running around, too disconcerted from the sudden onslaught of enraged AneeMates.

This must be the end. - Children mused grimly, while searching for the temporary shelter.

Suddenly, something unimaginable happened…

Quest To Save Them All


At once, Yipees swarmed, starting sucking in enraged AneeMates. All those furious creatures started to disappear, as they caved into the liquidy bodies of incredibly tiny cuties. In an instance the air was clear void of AneeMates cursed with the toxic plague.

Children could not make sense of what they just saw. How come these small creatures devoured such formidable AneeMates at the prime of their anger?

But what nailed their amusement was what followed.

Suddenly, Yipees started to release the same AneeMates from their bodies they just sucked in. But with a dramatic change. Newly released AneeMates were as calm as they used to be before the cataclysm. The restorative nature of Yipees freed them from their lunacy, letting them converge with the original harmony intended for this heavenly realm.

Children understood. The islands summoned them to team up with Yipees on a quest to save them all. To join forces, explore this magnificent land of wonders and restore the peace that once reigned over this sacred world. It’s time to save all AneeMates and bring peace to Hidden Islands

When they heard frenzied roars again, children were no longer scared, but determined, filled with compassion for the tortured AneeMates. Getting closer with tiny Yipees, their mission was sealed. As a testament of their alliance, these kids called themselves Guardians.

As Guardians bonded with Yipees they learned that thanks to their magical energy, they can also heal AneeMate, creating strong friendship bonds with those adorable creatures. Only children's love can bring restoration to the world of wonders.


The Fallen One

As it goes, there’s more to the tangled human nature than meets the eye. Some children were not as pure and honest as they seemed from the start. The spike of selfishness pierced the heart of a boy who landed on Hidden Islands with the first wave of children.

This boy fell in love with Hidden Islands, indeed. But his intentions differed. He wanted to keep all AneeMates for himself, plotting a plan to exploit and enslave these creatures.

His vile deeds turned darker as he grew. Hidden Islands is a realm only children can access - no adult has a place in the Hidden Islands’ embrace. This boy could not cope. His distaste with the real world was too deeply rooted in him to go back to the world where people grow up and have to face hardships of being adults.

He wished to stay on Hidden Islands forever.

One day, when his time on Hidden Islands was waning, he discovered that there is a way to preserve his youth. The magical energy that flowed through AneeMates proved as a potion, a key to staying young forever.

AneeMates, as the prime creation of Yipees, force embodying children’s vigor and boundless spirit, poured the youthful essence into their work. And thus, this boy started to capture AneeMates before the rest of the children could free them. He started extracting energy from caught AneeMates, stealing youthful force that ran in their veins. He wanted his ticket back to Hidden Islands so badly that nothing could stand in his way. He desired his access back.

But it was too late. The potions of youth truly slowed down his aging, but there was no point of return. He turned too old to stay, being banished to the world of adults, far from Hidden Islands. The portal closed for him.

But was this really the end? Certainly not. His life back in the real world paved his way toward unlimited wealth. His capital grew each day, opening up new avenues for him to regain access to the land he loved so much. He did not stop. And the means he gathered made it so much easier to trick and plot his way back. He’s just getting started.

The Rise of Vanguard


As children arrive upon the island, they realize that the world of AneeMates has been compromised and is endangered by the vile organization called Vanguard. It’s the group of malevolent kids who are catching AneeMates while being equipped with technological enhancements that make their work more effective. These kids are then bringing AneeMates to the “real world,” handing them over to an adult who misused their childish naivety.

This wealthy adult man has once been a child who had access to Hidden Island. But as he grew older, he lost the access as all adults do. But this one didn’t shake hands with fate. He couldn’t cope with adult problems and wasn’t willing to face the problems of grown-ups. He desperately wanted to return to the safety of Hidden Islands until he came up with a plan. Using his abundant wealth, he opened a factory where he could process AneeMates into magical potinos. These concoctions give consumers the essence of AneeMtes, thus letting them stay in the Hidden Islands forever (without time limitation), as well as making the consumers mentally and physically younger so that they can become kids again, re-enter Hidden Islands, and stay there forever. He diverted from the harmonious ways of Hidden Islands, becoming the Fallen One, the one bringing pain and doom to this land of wonders.

To accomplish his plan, this man started to reach out to several children who had access to Hidden Islands, misleadingly persuading them to work for him. In return, he would share the potion with them so that they could stay in the Hidden Islands forever, too. Many kids who were afraid of losing access as they grew up joined his Vanguard organization and started catching AneeMates for him, not knowing that this man was essentially hurting AneeMates in order to extract the resources for the potion production.

Backed up by the drones, robots, and technical enhancements, Vanguard kids are out on the prowl.

The rest of the kids who didn’t want to let Vanguard accomplish their plans and wanted to save AneeMates and their islands formed another organization called Guardians. They are visiting Hidden Islands to save AneeMates not only from the curse that plagued AneeMates; they gathered courage to face Vanguard and its cronies. But are Vanguard children malevolent in nature or are they just misled by the Fallen One? Either way, Guardians are determined to save AneeMates and re-introduce harmony that has always been natural for this paradise.

Clash of Vanguard and Guardians

Guardians and Vanguards clash in pursuit of AneeMates. One whised to rescue, others to abuse. Vanguard, endorsed by tech, however, had huge edge over the pure bravery of Guardians.

That’s when kids realized that they have to change tactics. They started to preach the word of harmony that once defined the torn world of Hidden Islands. Vanguard childern finally realized that their motives are not their own indeed, but they have been misled by the fallen one, who wants AneeMate potions to live forever on Hidden Islands.

Finally, children teamed up to, merging all forces under the Guardians flag to push back against the old man’s robots and machinery.

Children went out to break the curse of inflicted AneeMates while fighting back the ranks of Vanguard organization. Being outnumbered but never outclassed, with the help of saved and trained AneeMates, they finally managed to dismantle every malicious robot that threatened the magical realm, instilling peace on the Hidden Islands for eons to come.

And how about those AneeMates trapped in the wicked gorge of a factory, outside their magical land? Kids took courage to break into the devouring darkness that painted every corner of the plant where dreams were being turned to nightmares. Nothing could stop them. As the power forged in friendship with Yipees and saved AneeMates was making them stronger, the vicious force of evil waned.

Children and Hidden Islands’ AneeMates united, wandering out into the real world to seal their mission. Finally, they freed imprisoned AneeMates and helped them find their way through Portal to the world where they always belonged - back to Hidden Islands. Because only the purest courage and bravery of children can overcome the forces of evil that try to crush the dreams and fantasies born in the mind of little ones.


Wanderers, ready to open up the Portal and save them all?


Blog By Pavel Soral

May 20, 2024, 10 min

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