Airdrop Campaign expanded: Boost your farming points on
Airdrop Campaign expanded: Boost your farming points on

Airdrop Campaign expanded: Boost your farming points on

Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 20, 2024, 4 min

Have you been farming like crazy, but your position in the leaderboard doesn’t meet your expectations? We are proud to unleash a shortcut to the peak of top performers. Embark on the thrill of Zealy quests and earn Farming points twice to boost your $QORPO airdrop share.

Zealy Quests overview:

  • Boost your farming points
  • Join QORPO WORLD on Zealy
  • Do One-time & daily quests
  • Maximize your airdrop


Farming campaign extension

We believe that you are already familiar with the ongoing Airdrop Campaign that comprises the outstanding reward of 7,449,799 $QORPO tokens across the soft-staking and farming parts of the campaign. While soft-staking is dedicated exclusively for the Genesis NFT holders (Citizen Zero and Genesis Zero), farming is open to all regardless of your NFT holding status. Complete newbie or Web3 OG? Doesn’t matter - in this segment of the Airdrop Campaign, everyone can earn their share of 1,449,799 $QORPO tokens for completing simple tasks.

Earn farming points twice - QORPO WORLD and Zealy combined

In the ongoing farming campaign you can earn points for tasks listed on our farming page in order to climb up the leaderboard and be the highest-ranking contender during the snapshot. However, this is not the only way to maximize your points count. We have launched a Zealy campaign that introduces another set of tasks that can help you accumulate points towards the airdrop.

There are just a few things you have to watch out for. Make sure that you connect to Zealy using the same Discord account linked to the QORPO WORLD channel. This allows us to synchronize your profile and farming points across both platforms. The points you earn either on QORPO WORLD or Zealy will be counted separately in respective leaderboards, however, after the snapshot we’ll add them up and your final leaderboard standing will be decided based on the final sum.

How to start doing quests on Zealy

Not familiar with Zealy? Don’t worry, we will walk you through. In fact, Zealy is one of the most intuitive Quest-To-Earn platforms out there that helps you reach maximum rewards with ease in their highly intuitive interface.

You can sign up through your Discord account, WalletConnect or use your email address. Just navigate to and you’ll land on the registration page.


  • After choosing your username, Zealy will ask you a bunch of questions about your interests or how you found out about their site.


  • Once you’re done, find QORPO WORLD through the search bar and take a quick look at our Zealy page. In order to participate, don’t forget to join QORPO WORLD by clicking on the button in the upper right corner. Below you can see the overview of some of the tasks you may be challenged to complete:

NOTE: Remember, the list of tasks below is only illustrative. The specific tasks will be revealed throughout the span of the Zealy campaign.


  • Finally, after successfully completing Zealy quests, you will be gaining experience based on the complexity of the challenges, which will help you raise your leaderboard rank.


  • To see your progress, click on the Leaderboard section and take a look at your position.


How many points can you earn on Zealy?

Right off the bat, be ready to stay up to date. We will be continuously adding new quests on Zealy, so don’t miss out on anything. No matter how awesome your position is on QORPO WORLD, some of your rivals might outperform you on Zealy and steal your final position after the points across leaderboards add up. Generally, the easiest quests will reward you with no more than 5 points, mid-range difficulty quests will see you with up to 10 points and the tricky tasks will earn you as much as 20 points. Finally, consistency is key. To ensure the highest standing on the leaderboard, check that Zealy task list daily and beat the most out of it.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 20, 2024, 4 min

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