Airdrop Farming: Build on-chain activity and earn
Airdrop Farming: Build on-chain activity and earn

Airdrop Farming: Build on-chain activity and earn

Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 12, 2024, 5 min

Hey, are you new to the QORPO WORLD? Still don’t have your Genesis NFT in your wallet? We have your back. At QORPO WORLD, we are dedicated to offering opportunities of our ecosystem to all, no matter how “cryptoxperienced” you are. Jump in and enjoy the most intuitive and powerful all-in-one web3 gaming platform out there. And in doing that get rewarded with $QORPO airdrop.

We recently announced our Airdrop campaigns with soft-staking missions for Holders. Today, we bring you our Farming campaign that’s open to everyone - holders and non-holders alike. In the initial Airdrop Campaign phase, you can vie for as much as 1,449,799 tokens out of overall 7,449,799 tokens even if you don’t hold any NFT. All you need to do is to sign up for the QORPO WORLD platform and complete fun and simple tasks. Let us explain.


Airdrop Farming Campaign details

  • Overall airdrop allocation of 1,449,799 tokens
  • No need to own an NFT
  • Simple mechanism of quests
  • Accessible for all
  • Separate farming leaderboard

NOTE: Note that this blog post deals exclusively with Farming allocation and doesn’t encompass the entire airdrop overview. To learn about all campaign seasons, including soft staking and farming rewards, read our comprehensive dive into $QORPO airdrop details.

How to start farming in QORPO WORLD

Just like in the Soft Staking campaign, you are welcome to open the QORPO WORLD home page and straight in the upper right corner, you can click on the Farming button. This link will take you right to the Farming campaign page, where you can see the full detail of your profile progression, tasks you have to complete and points you can earn for succeeding.


In the Farming campaign, participants are accumulating points in the separate leaderboard that will decide how much of the airdrop you’ll earn, based on your final position. The farming reward pool will be distributed according to the vesting schedule, i.e. 20% on TGE, following up with 20% of the reward pool each month, until TGE + 4. The prize will be distributed each month, as leaderboard will reset and participants will vie for their monthly rewards anew, completing a brand new set of tasks, we will disclose before the month starts.

Farming rewards pool distribution

This part of the airdrop campaign is accessible to all QORPO WORLD users regardless of their NFT ownership status. All you need to do, to be eligible for farming, is to have your QORPO account ready. Sign in, and complete simple tasks that will help you earn points. The more points you’ll earn, the bigger your total reward will be. Take a look at the farming rewards distribution overview. This is how much you can earn every month throught the farming campaign:


Farming tasks overview:

To enhance your QORPO profile and climb the farming leaderboard, complete the following tasks across various categories. Aim to maximize your points through daily and one-time activities, as well as gaming and social missions. Here is the first set of tasks to complete.

Daily Gaming Activities

  • Experience Points: Earn a whopping 1000 XP!
  • Combat Achievements:
    • Dominate the battlefield: Achieve 100 kills
    • Sharpen your aim: Secure 20 headshots
    • Support your team: Contribute 30 assists
    • Master every character: Each playable character (Sakura, Thunder, Zuri, etc.) needs 3 kills attributed to them
  • Character Variety: Explore the diversity: Play as every in-game character
  • Gameplay Frequency: Stay active: Play 5 games and launch at least one game daily

    One-Time Actions

  • Account Setup: Start your journey: Create a QORPO account (50 points).
  • Ecosystem Activities:
    • Make your first deposit (100 points).
    • Refer 10 affiliate partners (100 points).
  • Claim Loot Boxes:
    • Buy a common Loot Box NFT (20 points).
    • Buy a rare Loot Box NFT (50 points).
    • Buy an epic Loot Box NFT (100 points).
  • Trade and manage:
    • Sell your first NFT (30 points).
    • Claim any Loot Box reward (20 points).
    • Mint your first virtual asset to NFT (50 points).
    • Lock your first NFT for security (10 points).
  • Get involved:
    • Open your first Loot Box (20 points).
    • Cast your first vote (10 points).
    • Set up a royalties wallet for rewards (10 points).
    • Create your team and collaborate (10 points).
  • Daily Ecosystem Activities
    • Stay connected: Log in to daily (10 points).
    • Buy a Loot Box
    • Open a Loot Box and discover treasures (20 points).
    • Claim Loot Box rewards (20 points).
  • Community Building: Refer new players daily (50 points/10 points).
  • Gamification: Participate in "roll the dice" (20 points). Complete these tasks diligently to progress in the farming campaign and secure a top position on the leaderboard. Remember, consistency is key! By tackling these tasks regularly, you'll rack up points and conquer the farming leaderboard. Go forth and conquer, QORPO warrior!

    Farm and Soft Stake for maximum rewards

    Although farming is primarily focused on QORPO WORLD members who don’t own any of the Genesis Zero NFTs, holders of Genesis Zero or Citizen Zero pieces are not left out. Both Soft staking and Farming part of the Airdrop Campaign enjoy separate leaderboards where participants accumulate points. Naturally, you can take part in both segments of the campaign, and thus, vie for the overall allocation of 7,449,799 tokens in the reward pool.

That being said, we’re gearing up for something big, very soon. It’s essential you set up your QORPO ID and get started by completing these simple missions. At QORPO WORLD, we believe in rewarding everyone & our airdrop farming campaign is an effort to further our vision - the more you’re active, the bigger your total reward will be in the end.



Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 12, 2024, 5 min

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