NFT Soft Staking: Max out your airdrop with Genesis NFTs
NFT Soft Staking: Max out your airdrop with Genesis NFTs

NFT Soft Staking: Max out your airdrop with Genesis NFTs

Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 06, 2024, 4 min

Hey, Citizens and Wanderers of QORPO WORLD, we can’t express how proud we are to have so many supportive holders of our Genesis collection. $QORPO, our studio token connects both our gaming titles - Citizen Conflict and AneeMate. With the Citizen Zero mint now over, it’s time to unveil our much-anticipated Airdrop campaigns.. We present the “$QORPO Soft-Staking campaign” that will help you maximize yields from your Citizen Zero and Genesis Zero NFTs. Learn how to soft stake the right way and boost your $QORPO airdrop rewards. Shortly, force your way up the leaderboard.


Soft staking campaign will run across several seasons along with farming opportunities. Below you can see the overview of soft staking in the initial Airdrop Campaign, excluding farming. This is just the beginning and the most significant reward distribution will follow with the upcoming campaign seasons.

Overall airdrop rewards pool

We are delighted to distribute 4.368% of our total token supply, amounting to 32,762,299 tokens, over a series of phases following our Token Generation Event (TGE). The distribution schedule is meticulously designed to support our ecosystem's growth and reward our community members for their participation and commitment. Here's a detailed breakdown of our distribution strategy:

  • Initial Distribution (TGE to TGE + 4 days): We will allocate 0.993% of the total token supply during the initial days following the TGE.
  • Early Support Phase (TGE + 4 to TGE + 13 days): Across Seasons 1 to 3, we will distribute 1.175% of the total supply to early supporters.
  • Expansion Phase (TGE + 14 to TGE + 24 days): A total of 2.2% of the supply will be distributed during this phase to further incentivize participation as we expand our ecosystem.

Detailed Token Allocation (across all seasons):

  • Airdrop Campaign: A total of 7,449,799 tokens will be distributed, which includes 6,000,000 tokens for NFT staking and 1,449,799 tokens for farming activities.
  • Season 1: We will distribute 1,700,000 tokens to our community.
  • Season 2: Another 1,700,000 tokens will be allocated.
  • Season 3: We will significantly increase the distribution to 5,412,500 tokens to reward our community's continued support.
  • Season 2025 (TGE + 14 to TGE + 24): In a major distribution event, 16,500,000 tokens will be allocated to support our ecosystem's growth and development during this period.

Having said that, let’s break down the details of the initial Airdrop Campaign phase.

Airdrop Campaign soft staking details:

  • TGE+15 days - first distribution
  • TGE TO TGE+4 = 0.993% of supply (airdrop campaign)
  • 6,000,000 tokens allocated for soft staking
  • 3,000,000 tokens for each Genesis collection

    How to Get Started with Staking Your Genesis NFT?

    It’s super easy to start soft-staking your Genesis NFT. Providing you have either Genesis Zero or Citizen Zero NFT on your wallet, you can land on the soft staking page right from the QORPO WORLD’s home page:


Just click on the Staking button in the upper menu and you will land on the campaign page, where you can see a full overview of your NFT staking progression as well as the soft-staking tasks that will boost up your points. But first, don’t forget to connect your wallet:


Once you’re done, a full view of the Airdrop Campaign will show up. Here you can complete all the tasks, earn badges and climb up the leaderboard to win the biggest share of $QORPO airdrop:


NOTE: What if you ended up with the same score as your fellow citizen in the end? Well, then it’s all up to your shooting expertise. Your final rank will be decided based on your Citizen Conflict leaderboard points. And if both of you didn’t score in the battle arenas, your final rank will be random. So don’t push your luck and go get some kills!

Be active and boost up your airdrop in soft staking

Both Citizen Zero and Genesis Zero NFT holders are eligible to take part in the soft staking campaign that kicks off now and will last until TGE. The entire event will be based on your participation in the ecosystem, prioritizing the number of Genesis NFTs you hold, the time you hold, and tasks you accomplish. By succeeding, holders will earn achievement badges, which grants them points reflected in the leaderboard. The higher you rank, the bigger your airdrop share will be.

  • Gamer - Play Citizen Conflict and score at least some point.
  • Emissary - Share your unique Citizen Zero NFT on and spread the word.
  • Supporter - Hold Citizen Zero and don't sell it for at least one week.
  • Crew - Hold your Citizen Zero NFT at least for two weeks in a row.
  • Hodler - Hold Citizen Zero NFT longer than 3 weeks and boost up your points.
  • Loyalist - Hold your Citizen Zero NFT until TGE + 1 week and earn extra points.
  • Shark - Hold more than 3 Citizen Zero NFTs.
  • Whale - Hold more than 10 Citizen Zero NFTs.

On top of that, holders can earn an extra Airdrop Campaign badge - Hold your Citizen Zero and refrain from selling it for a minimum of 10 days. By doing so, you'll acquire an NFT badge, which will hold substantial value across all the upcoming campaign seasons. Holders who collect badges from every season will be eligible for a larger share of rewards.

ATTENTION: Do not sell or transfer your Genesis NFT throughout the campaign, because the progress with all the accumulated points will be irreversibly lost.

Soft staking reward distribution in the Airdrop Campaign

The initial Airdrop Campaign, that last until TGE, comprises the total of 7,449,799 tokens, where 6,000,000 is allocated for the soft staking part of the campaign. Each Genesis collection, Genesis Zero and Citizen Zero, enjoy half of the total soft staking reward pool, securing 3,000,000 tokens throughout the Airdrop Campaign run.

Let’s take detailed look at the Citizen Zero soft staking reward distribution:


Here’s how AneeMate’s Genesis Zero soft staking reward pool will be distributed:


In case certain positions remain unclaimed, the reward pool designated for these vacant spots will be evenly redistributed among the existing ranked holders. We will distribute rewards within a month after the season ends.

Multiply your soft staking airdrop reward

We support dedicated long-term holders, therefore, our primary attention is directed towards NFT collectors who are committed to retaining their assets. Every NFT within the Genesis collection is designed to provide extravagant loyalty rewards. Furthermore, the duration of your Genesis NFT holding directly influences the accumulation of points. This means you'll gain points not just for the overall period you keep your NFT, but also the rate at which you earn points will increase as time progresses:

  • 1st week - 1x
  • 2nd week - 1,2x
  • 3rd week - 1,4x
  • 4th week - 2x

In the Airdrop Campaign, we will distribute the 0.993% of total supply (From TGE to TGE + 4), however, the overall distribution across all the upcoming seasons soars up to 32 762 299 tokens, which accounts for 4,368% of total supply. This is just the beginning, however, the activity across the seasons stacks up and those who prove to be the most committed to our ecosystem will see the most lavish rewards. You can see the whole overview of the airdrop distribution (beyond the initial Airdrop Campaign) in our Transparency Post. Learn how you can earn across the upcoming seasons.

. The Reward pool will be distributed according to the vesting schedule, i.e. 20% on TGE, following up with 20% of the reward pool each month, until TGE + 4.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 06, 2024, 4 min

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