Fill In The Next Page: AneeMate Stickers Book Vol.2 Unlocks The Early Access
Fill In The Next Page: AneeMate Stickers Book Vol.2 Unlocks The Early Access

Fill In The Next Page: AneeMate Stickers Book Vol.2 Unlocks The Early Access

Blog By Pavel Soral

Mar 18, 2024, 5 min

Wanderers, let us unpack the 2nd batch of stickers, portraying AneeMates in their cartoon-styled cuteness. You still might remember our initial campaign with OKX, that introduces the first chance to collect AneeMates for the Stickers Book Vol.2 - now we are unleashing their charm under our own roof on QORPO World. Just like before, this is going to be a free mint, so don’t slack around and snag ‘em all! We are starting on 19th of March.


Stickers Book Vol.2 Wrapped-Up

  • Free mint on Polygon chain
  • 20 pieces of unique style
  • Multiple utilities
  • Farming points boost
  • AneeMate Alpha early access

    Unpacking a new collection of AneeMate stickers

    A fresh collection of AneeMate stickers will drop soon to help you fill in the next page in the AneeMate Stickers Book. We are introducing another swarm of AneeMates in their adorably cute form, immortalized as NFT stickers. Soon you can put your hands on the following creatures: stickersscreenshot-2024-03-14-at-131028.jpg

  • BUXY
  • IMA
  • TAIN
  • RIO
  • LAKU

Get ready to collect them all and complete the whole AneeMate Stickers Book Vol.2 in the span of the following 2 weeks. You can mint them for free, covering only a small Polygon gas fee. But worry you not. The perks these stickers unlock reach above and beyond their incredibly enticing looks.

AneeMate Stickers Utilities: Fill the whole book

We're dropping a fresh batch of 20 jaw-dropping cartoon-styled AneeMate stickers that will take your collection to the next level. Snag them all and secure your exclusive spot on the whitelist for early access to AneeMate! We’re launching sooner than you’d think. But this is where it starts. Look at all the utilities, these stickers will bring you:

  • Digital Stickers of adorable AneeMates - Collect all 20 cartoon-styled digital stickers depicting the playful cuteness of the adorable creatures called AneeMates.
  • Custom skins for in-game gadgets - Each AneeMate sticker serves as a custom skin for in-game gadgets for a future AneeMate game release.
  • Early access to AneeMate alpha - Complete your Stickers Book collection and become one of the first adventurers who embark on the Hidden Islands’ journey.
  • Rare collection fueled by scarcity - AneeMate Stickers are a highly limited NFT collection, ensuring their value and trading demand.
  • Get the most unique sticker - Tain (with a 3% drop chance) and Buxy (with a 2% drop chance). All the rest go at 5% drop chance.

    Maximize your farming airdrop with AneeMate Stickers

    Currently, we are running an airdrop farming campaign that comprises sets of ecosystem tasks, social media incentives, gaming quests and Zealy tasks that can get you a lavish $QORPO airdrop based on the number of points you’ll get in the leaderboard.


We are to enrich the QORPO World farming task-set by including AneeMate stickers incentives. You can complete a single one-time task along with 3 separate daily tasks to maximize your airdrop farming points:

  • One-Time Task: Complete the whole AneeMate Stickers Book Vol.2. Fill it up with all 20 unique stickers and get 500 farming points. On top of that, this accomplishment will secure your guaranteed whitelist for AneeMate alpha early access.
  • Daily Tasks: Complete these tasks every day and get airdrop farming points repeatedly.
    • Mint 1 Sticker: Mint one AneeMate sticker in a day and get 10 points.
    • Mint 2 Stickers: Mint two AneeMate stickers daily and get 20 points.
    • Mint 3 Stickers: Mint three AneeMate stickers daily and get 50 points.

This way, you can get a total of 80 airdrop farming points daily for completing stickers tasks, while boosting your overall point-count with the one-time tasks that gives you 500 points extra. The entire Stickers Book Vol.2 campaign will run for 13 days, thus, you can earn a total of 1,540 airdrop farming points with stickers quests.

NOTE: You can mint one sticker in every 8 hours, thus, the maximum of 3 stickers per day.

How to collect AneeMate Stickers Vol.2?

We will start on the 19th of March and will carry on until the 31st of March. Throughout this time period, you can give QORPO World regular visits and hoard as many stickers as you can.

  • Go to and click on the Drops button.


  • You will land in the drops section where you can choose between AneeMate and Citizen Conflict.


  • Once there, choose the AneeMate Section and click on the upcoming drops button - after the 19th, this NFT drop will appear in the live drops section.


  • Click on the drop to see the overview. Here you’ll be able to mint your AneeMate stickers once the campaign is live.


Collect them all to get the AneeMate early access topped with the 500 airdrop farming points extra.



Blog By Pavel Soral

Mar 18, 2024, 5 min

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