Attain the QORPO Power: Unlock in-game currencies and Open QORPO Boxes
Attain the QORPO Power: Unlock in-game currencies and Open QORPO Boxes

Attain the QORPO Power: Unlock in-game currencies and Open QORPO Boxes

Blog By Pavel Soral

Mar 17, 2024, 5 min

Warriors, prepare yourselves to harness the might of QORPO Power! Are you wondering what this thrilling new feature entails? Pay close attention! We're rolling out a sophisticated in-game economy layer across our gaming intellectual properties (IPs). Play-to-airdrop and earn in-game currency while enjoying the ease of bridging tokens with a button click.

QORPO Power Summary:

  • Earn points & in-game currencies - $CCASH & $MATE
  • Open QORPO Boxes to earn tokens
  • Play, hold $QORPO and NFTs to earn rewards - NFT Power coming soon
  • Mint & Own your QORPO ID - coming soon

    Unveiling in-game economy & rewards - QORPO Power

    This innovative layer will enable you to accumulate in-game currencies like never before. Specifically, you'll have the opportunity to gather $CCASH within the dystopian world of Citizen Conflict and $MATE amidst the adventures of AneeMate.

But what exactly does this mean for you, the player? It signifies a groundbreaking shift in how you interact with our games. No longer will your gaming experience be just about progressing through levels and completing challenges. With the introduction of $CCASH and $MATE, you're stepping into a dynamic economy where your actions in-game translate into tangible rewards.


This in-game economy isn't just a superficial addition; it's a deeply integrated system designed to enrich your gaming experience. By engaging with our games, you're not just playing; you're participating in an economy that rewards your efforts, strategy, and dedication. Whether you're battling foes in Citizen Conflict or navigating the mysteries of AneeMate, you'll be doing so with the added excitement of earning in-game currencies that have real value within our gaming ecosystem. Here’s how you progress through your QORPO ID levels:

  • 1st Level: Hold 1 - 100 QORPO tokens
  • 2nd Level: Hold 101 - 1,000 QORPO tokens
  • 3rd Level: Hold 1,001 - 5,000 QORPO tokens
  • 4th Level: Hold 5,001 - 20,000 QORPO tokens
  • 5th Level: Hold over 20,000 QORPO tokens

What will the QORPO ID progression bring to the table? Here’s the list of daily rewards for keeping your QORPO ID level.

  • 1st Level: 10 $CCASH, $MATE and Leaderboard Points
  • 2nd Level: 20 $CCASH, $MATE and Leaderboard Points
  • 3rd Level: 40 $CCASH, $MATE and Leaderboard Points
  • 4th Level: 100 $CCASH, $MATE and Leaderboard Points
  • 5th Level: 500 $CCASH, $MATE and Leaderboard Points

    The Treasure Within: QORPO Boxes

    What makes $CCASH and $MATE invaluable are the QORPO Boxes. Imagine a chest, not just any chest, but one brimming with potential - the potential to unlock $QORPO tokens. With 1,000 $CCASH or $MATE, players can open a QORPO Box, revealing treasures that go beyond the digital realm.


Pathways to Prosperity: Earning $CCASH & $MATE

QORPO has ingeniously designed multiple avenues for players to accumulate $CCASH and $MATE, ensuring that every action and strategy in the game is rewarded. Here's how players can enrich their virtual wallets:

  • In-game Progression: The very act of playing, conquering challenges, and advancing through the game levels rewards players with in-game currencies. Every victory, every achievement adds to your wealth.
  • Holding Genesis NFTs on QORPO Wallet: Ownership of Genesis NFTs, such as Citizen Zero or Genesis Zero, not only signifies your status but also becomes a source of continuous in-game currency flow.
  • Holding $QORPO Tokens on QORPO Wallet: The commitment to the QORPO ecosystem is rewarded. Holding $QORPO tokens in your QORPO Wallet ensures a steady accumulation of $CCASH and $MATE, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between the player and the game economy.


NOTE: - NFT holding mechanism that gives you in-game currencies is an upcoming feature that will be called NFT Power. Citizen Zero will provide you with $CCASH, while Genesis Zero will provide you with $MATE.

Bridge your tokens and bridge as you please - Go Multichain

We've addressed concerns over high ETH gas fees by introducing advancements that enhance token management—enabling deposits, withdrawals, and reward claims on both Ethereum and BNB Chain. This significantly reduces the impact of Ethereum's high fees for your rewards.

By integrating omnichain functionality, users can now claim rewards on the more cost-effective BNB Chain, maximizing their earnings. This update underscores our commitment to improving your gaming experience, offering easier access to rewards and the flexibility to select the most suitable blockchain for your transaction needs.

Although now you can also claim your rewards on cost-efficient BNB Chain, however, holding is worth it. If you decide to hold, you will get a special boost in the QORPO Power campaign - a gateway to hefty $QORPO rewards.

The Call to Arms: Embrace QORPO Power

QORPO's call to gamers is clear: Play, achieve, and hold. This triad is the key to unlocking the full potential of the QORPO Power. It's an invitation to step into a world where gaming transcends entertainment, where every action contributes to an economy, and where every player has the chance to emerge at the top of the gaming echelon.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, the question isn't just about how we play games but how we can redefine the value and impact of our gaming experiences. QORPO Power is more than a feature; it's a revolution. And the revolution has just begun. Warriors, are you ready to embrace the QORPO Power?


Blog By Pavel Soral

Mar 17, 2024, 5 min

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