QORPO Builds Differently: NFT Soft Staking, Farming & Airdrop Details Unclassified
QORPO Builds Differently: NFT Soft Staking, Farming & Airdrop Details Unclassified

QORPO Builds Differently: NFT Soft Staking, Farming & Airdrop Details Unclassified

Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 02, 2024, 6 min

We are approaching the most crucial times for all of us. With many exciting events ahead, we appreciate your support and the trust you place in our ecosystem. In return, we promise to provide you with the most transparent conditions before our mint and Token Generation Event (TGE) happens. When you get our NFTs, you always know what you vouch for. Let us navigate you through all the farming and soft staking opportunities our Genesis NFT collections put to the table. In the end, we will distribute 4,368% of the total token supply.

Genesis Collections:

  • Conflict’s Citizen Zero - The Founder's Collection of Citizen Conflict dystopia is packed with features that any gaming enthusiast would highly desire. This NFT collection outshines all others we have released in terms of its offerings. It's not only free, but also places you in the role of Citizen Zero, the most esteemed and respected inhabitant of Ether Islands.


  • AneeMate’s Genesis Zero - The AneeMate’s inaugural collection represents your first chance to acquire your very first AneeMate prior to the game’s official launch. The Genesis Zero NFT collection offers the chance to possess enchanting mythical creatures and provides alluring benefits to every holder. These perks include exclusive utilities of great value to all future Guardians, Vanguard knights, and adventurous explorers of the Hidden Islands.


Not only are all our NFTs and airdrop rewards transparent, we are setting up new standards for building community-driven games in Web3. This is the dawn of a new direction of gaming, in which we take only 0,5% NFT royalties to fuel up our supporters and gamers. As explained by our CEO, Rastislav Bakala:

“As a CEO, investor, but mostly a community member in many projects, let me share some of my thoughts on the current NFT gaming market. What are the major issues right now? The market is oversaturated with free mints, all claiming similar utilities - limited supply, airdrops, and team experience. This is not a problem, but the main problem is LACK OF TRANSPARENCY.”

“There is a lack of transparency for airdrops - will there be an airdrop, how big, and what are the rules? People deserve to know this information before they start putting in energy. QORPO is built differently; you will get all the rules before Citizen Zero mint. So you can choose if you want to be a #SelectedOne.

Genesis Zero NFTs: a gateway to premium gaming perks

Both of our genesis NFT collections are not just fancy pieces with earning utilities. We focus our efforts on gaming first. As a holder of our Genesis NFTs, you’re going to enjoy the most out of the entire QORPO WORLD. Transparency is crucial and every NFT holder deserves a data-driven decision opportunity before jumping in.

You can count on all of this and beyond:

  • Exclusive in-game content - premium gaming content reserved exclusively for Genesis Zero holders
  • Seasonal skin drops - fresh new in-game skins to keep things fun at all times
  • Exclusive in-game character - be the one who owns the one and only in-game hero no one else ever will, except for holders
  • Governance rights (DAO voting) - your voice can be heard, your decisions will shape our ecosystem
  • Priority access to games - be the first to experience our future game releases
  • Esports integration - lavish prize pool tournament opportunities
  • Generating in-game currencies, CCASH/MATE - bringing the opportunity to exchange these in-game tokens for assets & $QORPO through specialized Loot Boxes in the future, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

NOTE - The Citizen Zero collection will drop on February 5th, from 2 pm UTC to 6 pm UTC for guaranteed whitelists and from 6 pm UTC to 10 pm UTC as an FCFS round. The best part - all FCFS will receive guaranteed loot boxes!

Making the most out of your Genesis NFTs

One of the most sought-after NFT utilities you desire is doubtlessly the airdrop guarantee. With our token generation event (TGE) right around the corner, we are happy to fulfill your airdrop expectations, preparing several unique ways to maximize your reward. The final amount of tokens you’ll receive is based on several factors:

  • Numbers of NFTs,
  • Holding longevity,
  • interactions with the ecosystem.

Furthermore, we will be distributing the reward pool continuously in multiple stages, thus, your loyalty will grant you a multiplied share of the cake. We’ll kick the first distribution on TGE and we will carry on in 3 follow-up seasons. Here’s the token airdrop allocation overview:

WE WILL DISTRIBUTE 4,368% of total supply:

  • From TGE to TGE + 4: 0.993% of supply
  • From TGE + 4 to TGE + 13: 1.175% of supply (Across Season 1 to Season 3)
  • From TGE + 14 to TGE + 24: 2,2%

We’ll distribute overall 32 762 299 Tokens (4,368% of total supply) throughout the following seasons as follows:

  • Airdrop Campaign: 7,449,799 tokens, i.e. NFT staking: 6M, Farming: 1,449,799
  • Season 1: 1,700,000 tokens
  • Season 2: 1,700,000 tokens
  • Season 3: 5,412,500 tokens
  • Season 2025- TGE + 14 to TGE + 24: 16 500 000 tokens

    How to maximize your soft staking NFT rewards for Airdrop Campaign

    Firstly, we value long-term collaborations aimed at establishing a robust ecosystem and strong community. As such, our main focus is on NFT collectors committed to holding their assets; each NFT in the Genesis collection is crafted to offer lavish loyalty rewards. On top of that, the longer you hold your Genesis NFT, the more points you’ll earn. Not only do you earn points for the total time you hold your NFT, but the points you earn for holding will multiply over time:

  • 1st week - 1x
  • 2nd week - 1,2x
  • 3rd week - 1,4x
  • 4th week - 2x

The final amount of earned points will be displayed in the transparent leaderboard. Here’s the overview of achievements that help you earn ecosystem points in the initial rewards season (Airdrop Campaign):


  • Gamer - Play Citizen Conflict and score at least some point.
  • Emissary - Share your unique Citizen Zero NFT on X.com and spread the word.
  • Supporter - Hold Citizen Zero and don't sell it for at least one week.
  • Crew - Hold your Citizen Zero NFT at least for two weeks in a row.
  • Hodler - Hold Citizen Zero NFT longer than 3 weeks and boost up your points.
  • Loyalist - Hold your Citizen Zero NFT until TGE + 1 week and earn extra points.
  • Shark - Hold more than 3 Citizen Zero NFTs.
  • Whale - Hold more than 10 Citizen Zero NFTs.
  • Airdrop Campaign - Hold Citizen Zero and don’t sell it for at least for 10 days. You can earn your NFT badge that will prove significant across all seasons. Those with all season badges earned will enjoy a bigger reward share.

At the conclusion of each reward distribution round, we will finalize the leaderboards where points are allocated, and a new season will commence. One month following the end of each season, we will distribute the rewards among eligible Genesis NFT holders.

NOTE - Badge points are a permanent credit across all seasons. These credits remain intact and won’t be diminished through trading or selling NFTs.

Airdrop Campaign season: Distribution on TGE (+1 hour )

The initial season will be somewhat different from the rest of the reward distribution rounds. While season 1 to season 3 will include two main avenues of ensuring reward allocations - farming and soft staking (either Genesis Zero or Citizen Zero) - this round will have two pools, separate for each of our initial NFT collections for Citizen Conflict and AneeMate.

NFT staking

Here is the overview of the Airdrop Campaign reward pool distribution for Citizen Conflict’s Citizen Zero holders:


Important: Leaderboards will be reset each season, but points will also accumulate separately for the most significant and bountiful Season 3 airdrop.

Here you can see the details of reward pool distribution for AneeMate’s Genesis Zero holders:


Note that in case some positions stay vacant, the reward pool of remaining unfilled positions will be distributed proportionally among the holders.

Holder Forecast and Rewards Distribution in Airdrop Season

Citizen Zero - 1,000 Unique holders Scenario

  • Top holder will get airdrop of 65,000 $QORPO
  • Each of the last 500 holders will get 1,800 $QORPO

AneeMate - 1,000 Unique holders Scenario

  • Top holder will get airdrop of 50,000 $QORPO
  • Each of the last 500 holders will get 1,290 $QORPO

Citizen Zero - 500 Unique Holders Scenario

  • Top holder will get airdrop of 100,000 $QORPO
  • Each of the last 300 holders will get 2,900 $QORPO

AneeMate - 500 Unique Holders Scenario

  • Top holder will get airdrop of 90,000 $QORPO
  • Each of the last 300 holders will get 2,400 $QORPO

Note: - TGE price = $0.06 &TGE Market Cap = $1,453,800

Farming campaign

In the farming campaign, your goal is to boost up your QORPO profile by successfully completing several ecosystem tasks, including Daily Tasks, One-Time Action, Gaming Activity and Social Mission. Check out all the tasks you’ll have to fulfill to max out your points in the farming leaderboard:

Daily gaming activity:

  • gain 1000 XP in a game
  • number of kills - 100
  • number of headshots - 20
  • number of assists - 30
  • kill stats per characters:

ccrendernew4k.jpg Sakura- 3 Thunder- 3 Zuri- 3 Delta- 3 Smiler- 3 Zodiac- 3 Blinder- 3 Barbie- 3 MinHae- 3 Billy- 3 Tunkas- 3

  • Try out every in-game character
  • 5 games played per day
  • launch one game per day

    One-time action:

  • create an account
  • first deposit
  • refer 10 affiliate partners
  • first NFT sold
  • first NFT bought
  • first Loot Box opened
  • first mint of a virtual asset (VA) to NFT in a wallet
  • first NFT locked
  • fist vote cast
  • set up your royalties wallet in profile
  • create your team

    Daily ecosystem activity:

  • login to qorpo.world
  • buy Loot Box
  • open Loot Box
  • claim Loot Box
  • roll the dice
  • refer any affiliate partner

    Social Mission - TBA soon

Finally, here’s the overview of the farming rewards distributed in Airdrop Campaign:


Season 1 rewards distribution round

With our Battle Royale mode of Citizen Conflict finally out, this Season will take place between May and July, 2024, as we will open the gateway toward rewards for both NFT holders (soft staking mechanism) as well as active community members (farming mechanism through tasks). In result, we guarantee a certain amount of tokens for active and passive ecosystem contributors. Of course, passive NFT soft stakers can also participate in tasks farming, thus further increasing their standing in the leaderboard and reaping more tokens in the end.

Here you can see the proportion of token distribution across farming and soft staking tasks types:

  • Gaming - 40% (680 000)
  • NFTs - 25% (425 000)
  • Token - 25% (425 000)
  • Ecosystem - 10% (170 000)

Based on your final position in the leaderboard at the end of Season 1, you can earn this many tokens, which will be distributed one month afterwards, on August 29th. The precise amount is displayed in tables below, for both farming and soft staking participants.

Farming rewards overview for ecosystem contributors and gamers:


Soft staking rewards overview:


NOTE - We will introduce badge achievements for this season before the season starts.

Season 2 rewards distribution round

The second post-TGE rewards allocation season kicks off during August and will last until October 2024. Just like the previous season, this round will comprise two separate reward pools, one focused on farming and the other one on soft staking. The general conditions are pretty much the same, with the overall reward pool soaring up to 1,700,000 $QORPO tokens, equally split between task farmers and soft stakers. Rewards will be distributed on November 29th.

NOTE - We will introduce badge achievements for this season before the season starts.

A final round: Season 3 rewards distribution - only for holders of previous seasons

This is what you all have been waiting for. Our final rewards distribution round will overshadow all the previous airdrops. Our most generous reward season will commence in November and will last until February 2025, marking the longest season blessed with the most generous rewards to date. The overall reward pool of 5,412,500 $QORPO tokens makes this seasonal airdrop unforgettable. The reward will be distributed on March 28th, 2025.

However, a small change enters the game. All points, leaderboards, and activities across the seasons will be linked to a final distribution process. This distribution is exclusive to holders who have maintained their assets throughout all the seasons, qualifying them for the final Genesis NFTs (soft staking) airdrop.

Check out a complete overview of the tasks farming rewards distribution in the table below:


Soft staking reward pool will be distributed accordingly:


Additionally, any remaining allocation that exceeds the initial budget will be proportionately distributed among the remaining winners. In short, all activity and earned points from previous seasons will count.

NOTE - We will introduce badge achievements for this season before the season starts.

Overall distribution overview: 4,368% total

2025 Plan Overview: Each month, beginning from the Token Generation Event (TGE) plus 13, we will allocate a minimum of 1,500,000 $QORPO tokens to support the NFT and gaming ecosystem. To provide a summary, from TGE to TGE+13, there will be a distribution of 2.175% of the total token supply, and from TGE+14 to TGE+24, an additional 2.2% of the total supply will be allocated for this purpose.

SUMMARY: TGE - TGE + 13 - 2.175% of total supply TGE + 14 - TGE + 24 - additional 2.2% of total supply TOTAL SUMARY - 4,368%

Airdrop rewards meet transparency - BACKED BY GAMEPLAY, ACCELERATED WITH COMMUNITY.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Feb 02, 2024, 6 min

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