QORPO WORLD NFT Collections: All Collections Breakdown
QORPO WORLD NFT Collections: All Collections Breakdown

QORPO WORLD NFT Collections: All Collections Breakdown

Blog By Pavel Soral

Nov 16, 2023, 6 min

QORPO WORLD has always been advocating for a player-driven economy powered by non-fungible tokens - blockchain-authenticated, interoperable, freely disponible and monetizable digital items. Each and every collection we issue lives with high rarity and rich utilization in mind. Let’s break down all the currently available NFT collections you can discover on our marketplace.


Cornerstone values of our NFT collections

NFTs are not just fancy pics. NFTs are not just a piece of digital art. NFTs are not just speculative investment assets. How can industries utilize NFTs beyond an elusive fad? The gaming industry emerges as a great example. For us, NFTs are more than just digital art or baseless collectibles. For us, NFTs are a way we set to turn around the centralized and walled gaming industry and put back control into the hands of players.

  • Player-driven economy: It’s crucial for us to disrupt the walled-garden environment of the mainstream gaming industry. We don’t dictate prices, monetization possibilities, or asset withdrawal options. In QORPO WORLD, the gaming economy is determined and powered by our users. Whether you see fit to buy gaming assets on our marketplace, secondary markets or simply earn them in-game, the decision is yours. If you are not a fan of asset ownership, you can simply wave goodbye to NFTs and lean on virtual assets received while playing games.
  • Values powered by high rarity: Scarcity and rarity is what drives value. Therefore, we think twice before issuing a new NFT collection. We find it crucial to keep our NFTs rare, scarce, and special for our players and NFT holders.
  • Rich utilization possibilities: All our NFTs are equipped with premium utilities to enrich your overall experience. From game access and in-game abilities to hero or weapon skins, we seek to always bring additional value to the digital art we release on our marketplace.
  • Genuine ownership: In Web2, you own nothing. The assets you earn are not yours; the currency you receive you can’t withdraw, nor can you freely monetize your inventory. This doesn’t apply to Web3 games. Once minted, NFT is genuinely yours, and you are the only person to do with it as seen fit.

    Citizen Conflict NFT Collections


Citizen Conflict introduces a bunch of distinct heroes and powers the gameplay with a robust storyline and fascinating graphics. Another highly unique facet of Citizen Conflict hinges on innovative game modes, such as Takeover, which harnesses the tactical action of traditional Conquest and adjusts it for the ultimate esports purposes. The competitive and dynamic gameplay also thrives thanks to multiple special events, such as Airstrike, Low Gravity mode, or Portals that intensify the overall gaming experience. Discover all the NFT collection to power up your gaming experience.

Hero Variants Collection


Formerly known as Syndicate Heroes, the collection of Citizen Conflict hero skins comes with a new name and new enticing additions. Currently, we offer unique skins of Billy, Karma, Blinder, and the exceptionally rare Tunkas, the “RoboChad,” exclusively from the Alpha 3.0 Boxes.

This collection is the gateway to the heated and wild ride of Ether Islands’ battle arenas. Put your hands on the heroes and villains of post-collapse land and determine the future of their dystopian fates.

  • Enjoy a high-rarity value
  • Up your style in-game
  • Get immediate Citizen Conflict access
  • Personalize your experience through a variety of skins
  • Own your piece of Citizen Conflict history

    Weapon Variants Collection


Citizen Conflict offers a wide variety of weapons and a miscellaneous range of creatively grim warfare gadgets. Soon, we’ll introduce a massive pallet of skins to personalize your shooting experience. Because to shoot is not enough - it takes a true Citizen to shoot with a style.

Right now, you can craft your first bunch of weapon skins by collecting Season 0 Loot Boxes and forcing their metal jaws open. Before the battle fury erupts on Ether Islands, better be well prepared and have your weapons visually unique and enhanced.

  • Scarce and rare cyberpunk-themed skins
  • Personalize your shooting frenzy
  • Stand out from the squad
  • Own your style

    Citizen Conflict Cosmetics


Once you have your own Citizen’s style locked with a unique hero and weapon skin, it’s time to fully customize your unrelenting presence on Ether Islands through special cosmetics. Although it won’t really enhance your sharpshooting, it certainly will leave a searing punchline behind your killing streak. Citizen Conflict Cosmetics collection offers Sprays, Player Icons, and Masks - all of which are here to add a dark-humored spice to your domination.

  • Sprays - After a bunch of bodies paving your way, the moment of sadistic glory is best relished with your signature tag sprayed on the wall.
  • Player Icons - Mark your staple presence in the QOPRO WORLD platform with a one-of-a-kind player icon in the top right corner. Your domination deserves a character.
  • Masks - Gift your Citizen Conflict hero with a gruesome yet funnily tongue-in-cheek mask to kill for… or kill with? Enrage your enemies as they succumb to your face-masked bully.

    Become the Citizen NFT Avatars


Our most successful NFT sale yet brought Citizen Conflict heroes to your social media. Become the Citizen collection sold out on Crypto.com and Magic Eden and continues to lure more digital Citizens across social media profiles. Altogether, 15 Citizen Conflict heroes are now available as PFP NFTs, coming in numerous variables and enticing designs.

  • High rarity value
  • Exceptional digital presence
  • Citizen Conflict Alpha access
  • $QORPO Airdrop chance
  • Rule social media as a Citizen

    Citizen Conflict Battlepass

The Battlepass enhances the gaming journey by providing players with additional rewards, such as exclusive cosmetics and in-game assets. To unlock these bonuses and progress through the tiers, players need to collect stars. Stars are earned by consistently winning games and diligently completing daily and weekly tasks.

  • Skill-based progression
  • Fistfuls of exclusive content
  • Additional gaming immersion levels
  • Skip the drill and reap rewards

    Citizen Conflict Loot Boxes


A chest full of treasures that puts your luck to the test? All the way! Citizen Conflict keeps on bringing seasonal loot boxes tightly packed with various valuables and exclusive in-game content. So far, all the early Citizens had a chance to put their hands on Syndicate Box, Alpha 3.0 Box, while now it’s your turn to craft unprecedented gems locked inside the metal construction of Season 0 Loot Box.

  • Tons of fun powered by luck factor
  • Exclusive “never be minted again” content
  • Valuable NFTs and Tickets
  • A shortcut to the most iconic NFTs for peanuts

    AneeMate NFT Collections


AneeMate is a team-based creature extraction shooter where you play as small kids, striving to save AneeMates and create bonds with them. It combines three main game mechanics: an extraction shooter game mode, a hub for inventory and crafting where you build your own base to improve and heal your AneeMates and craft unique items. These two game mechanics serve as the foundation for the main PVP turn-based ranked league, 2v2 with your AneeMates, to become a champion. To enter a whimsical realm dweling beyond the hidden portal, explore the essential NFT collections first.

AneeMate Stickers Books


As the diverse universe of AneeMates continues to grow, the inaugural NFT release draws near. Amidst the creation of numerous imaginative AneeMates, a new concept emerges: AneeMate stickers. These adorable collectibles can be added to your Stickers Book, each serving as a distinct skin for in-game AneeMate gadgets. Acquiring the entire sticker collection grants early access to AneeMate.

After the initial page of the AneeMate stickers book, we have already written the next page with AneeMate Stickers Book Vol.2, introducing another bunch of cartoon-styled AneeMate stickers.

  • Digital Stickers of adorable AneeMates
  • Custom skins for in-game gadgets
  • Early access to AneeMate alpha
  • Rare collection fueled by scarcity

    AneeMate Genesis Zero NFT Drop - an inaugural AneeMate collection


For the very first time, you have the chance to own your inaugural AneeMate before its official release. The Genesis Zero NFT Drop not only grants access to charming mythical creatures but also offers exclusive utilities that hold immense value for future Guardians, Vanguard knights, and intrepid explorers of the Hidden Islands.

Genesis Zero stands as a distinctive and rare portrayal of an AneeMate within the burgeoning mystery-filled realm of the Hidden Islands. Yet, their allure and scarcity aren't solely responsible for their inherent value. These stickers are primarily centered around the individuality and in-game persona of each daring player who ventures into this captivating yet deceptive domain. Explore the multitude of invaluable utilities this NFT collection offers without reservation:

  • 18 Unique AneeMates
  • Royalties Profit Redistribution
  • Public Sale Allocation
  • Universal Game Access
  • Values Powered by Scarcity & Uniqueness



Blog By Pavel Soral

Nov 16, 2023, 6 min

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