Introducing the QORPO Spinner: New QORPO Reward Protocol
Introducing the QORPO Spinner: New QORPO Reward Protocol

Introducing the QORPO Spinner: New QORPO Reward Protocol

Blog By Aneta Bachrata

Jul 08, 2024, 10mins

We are thrilled to launch the latest innovation in the QORPO ecosystem: the QORPO Spinner. Imagine a roulette wheel that offers you the chance to win exciting rewards with every spin. This unique reward mechanism, launching soon, allows players to earn $QORPO tokens, exclusive NFTs, in-game items, and even USDT or tokens from various partnered projects through daily and weekly jackpots. The QORPO Spinner is designed not only to enhance user engagement but also to provide substantial rewards to our dedicated community.

How the QORPO Spinner Works

The QORPO Spinner brings a dynamic and engaging experience to the QORPO ecosystem. Here's how you can participate:


Get free spins or buy additional spins for just 1 $QORPO each and try your luck with the QORPO Spinner. Every spin holds the potential to reward you with valuable virtual assets worth thousands of dollars!


Every user has a chance to earn a different number of free spins daily by following different possibilities to get it and boost the chance to win.

  • Stake $QORPO: Hold $QORPO tokens on your wallet, stake them into your $QORPO power system and earn free spins. The more tokens you hold, the more spins you can earn. You can earn a different number of free spins daily based on your different level of QORPO power:
  • LEVEL 1 - 1 free spin daily
  • LEVEL 2 - 2 free spins daily
  • LEVEL 3 - 3 free spins daily
  • LEVEL 4 - 4 free spins daily
  • LEVEL 5 - 5 free spins daily

Stake $QORPO here and enjoy daily free spins in QORPO Spinner! NOTE: Daily free spins for $QORPO Power will be available only on the exact day and will not accumulate over time.

  • Play and Earn XP: Imagine that you play and earn just by spending your time in-game. QORPO gives you an opportunity to earn free spins simply by earning XP in the game - coming soon with games launches.

  • Complete Game Missions: Engaging in daily missions in our popular games, Citizen Conflict and AneeMate, will also grant you additional free spins - coming soon with games launches.

  • Social Media Engagement: Are you a dedicated community member creating content about our ecosystem and games? Your efforts are highly valued, and as a sign of our appreciation, we're offering additional free spins! We're developing a new feature on the QORPO platform that will grant you extra free spins for spreading the word about our ecosystem soon.

  • We will be optimizing the strategy regarding community feedback.



Want to increase chances in QORPO spinner? Every user, regardless of whether they are coming to our platform for the first time, has the opportunity to buy a spin for 1 $QORPO. Buy as many spins as you want!


Rewards Up for Grabs

Each spin of the QORPO Spinner offers you the chance to win a variety of exciting rewards, including:

  • $QORPO Tokens: Boost your holdings by winning additional $QORPO tokens, incentivizing continued participation in the ecosystem.

  • Genesis NFTs: Seize the chance to spin and get unique Genesis NFTs of our games and enjoy their benefits!

  • Exclusive NFTs: Win rare and exclusive NFTs, such as character skins, weapon skins, and other in-game assets.

  • In-Game Items: Enhance your gameplay with special items like power-ups and customizations.

  • External Network Partners' Assets: Win assets, NFTs, and tokens from various projects within our network, broadening your digital collection.

  • Jackpot Prizes: Win daily and weekly jackpots

QORPO Spinner offers substantial rewards, making every spin an exciting opportunity.





  1. Every asset you get is a virtual asset that you can use in the ecosystem instantly, or you can mint it for 1 $QORPO as an NFT, even winning a $QORPO Token Voucher is represented as a virtual asset, which you can mint and get a $QORPO to your wallet.
  2. You can accumulate $QORPO Token Vouchers and then mint them at once, or you can mint them one by one.
  3. You can use all the assets for free in the game. Your rewards are instantly added to your QORPO Wallet, and you can decide whether to mint them.
  4. Partner's Assets will be available until the full amount will be reached!

QORPO Spinner boosts token value and sustains our ecosystem!

The QORPO Spinner is more than just a fun feature; it’s a critical part of our ecosystem designed to ensure long-term sustainability:

Burn Mechanism: Every time a spinner reward is minted from VA to NFT, and every time you buy additional spin - 75% of the $QORPO tokens will be burned, reducing the overall supply and increasing token scarcity.

Revenue Redistribution: Revenue generated from spins and transactions will be redistributed within the ecosystem, either through direct rewards or additional token burns.


When will the QORPO Spinner be live?

The $QORPO Spinner is set to launch this July, and we are eager to see the impact it will have on our community. This innovative tool will allow players to earn rewards like $QORPO tokens and NFTs through daily spins, significantly enhancing the gaming experience and token utility. Get ready to spin and win! Join the QORPO community today and be a part of this thrilling new chapter in our ecosystem. Stay tuned for the launch, and start spinning to win amazing rewards worth thousands!


Blog By Aneta Bachrata

Jul 08, 2024, 10mins

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