AneeMate is Taking Shape: Gameplay, Creature-Catching, Storyline
AneeMate is Taking Shape: Gameplay, Creature-Catching, Storyline

AneeMate is Taking Shape: Gameplay, Creature-Catching, Storyline

Blog By Pavel Soral

Jul 20, 2023, 6 min

Our upcoming open-world adventure AniMate is relentlessly taking shape, and we are excited to share more details with you. The game ushers players into the mythical world of Hidden Island, brims over with whimsical creatures, and delves you deep into the fables passed down from generation to generation.


The gameplay leans on creature-catching action seasoned with RPG elements. Plunge in, save the AniMates and level up your human character across several branched skill trees. Sounds fun? Stay on high alert, then. Your chance to own your first AneeMate is right around the corner!

Action-Packed Gameplay Brings Fresh Layers to Digital Collecting

It’s no secret that AneeMate drafts substantial inspiration from the Pokémon franchise, taking the creature-collecting aspect to a whole new level with precisely designed gameplay built to leverage the action dynamics with notable role-playing elements. Visually, AniMate incarnates fantastical designs and reaches deep into the realms of miscellaneous and imaginative graphics.

AneeMate works nicely as a team-based game as well as an online adventure for a single player. The main point of AniMate is to test the players’ survival skills, guiding the main character through the fascinating world of myth. As the character progresses through the Hidden Island, its vocation is to find and save various AniMates from the dangers Hidden Island has been plagued with.

Using Elements Sphere, players can temporarily entrap AneeMates and drag them to the safety of the extraction area. Done? The AniMate is yours, ready to learn new tricks and be your companion in the upcoming strife.


Another action layer of the AneeMate gameplay stems from the variety of fast movement across the map. Players can use the grapple hook, glide through the open land or increase their reach thanks to double jump.

  • Glide:


  • Double Jump:


  • Grapple:


Captivating Storyline

AneeMate’s storyline is carefully written to catch the attention of adults and kids. Anyone looking for a fable set in the alluring land of myth, imaginative creatures, and epic battles is welcome to take a seat and delve in. We will walk you through the Hidden Island, its origin, and the mission that has been bestowed upon players - the wanderers who unearthed the secret portal.


The Origin of Hidden Island:

In the beginning, there was chaos. The sempiternal dance of unbound elements. Suddenly, the onslaught stroke the shore. The ocean’s deep raged, and the waves of the sea formed into a surge of disastrous waters. The land drowned - only the mountain tops peaked tall. The lightning sparked the wildfire. The flames danced in passionate moves, so ephemeral though eternal in their hunger.

The heat ate the grass and left the soil withered and scorched. The eternal fire kept on tormenting the earth. The ground contorted and cracked under the immense heat. Nothing could satiate the devouring flames. And the earth raged. The clouds swarmed as a flock of crows on the distant firmament. The final storm commenced shedding divine rage, and bolts of lightning rained for days to come. The chaos was complete.

The chaos lasted for eons. But the wakeful eye of the psychic stayed open. The mind over all brought order into the shapes of chaos. The final element conceived the Hidden Island


The AneeMate Story:

From time immemorial, the myth lived its own vibrant life. Passed down from generation to generation, the seed of mere thought enrooting a story of the fantastical realm in every child's mind.

The Hidden Island. A place of wonders unseen, where miscellaneous creatures reside, and unbound elements of nature define the scope of reality. All children knew the fairytale. Back in the day, when the city was still fashioned in its old looks, with historical buildings huddled in the center and vast stretches of greenery adorning the town parks, the idea of The Hidden Island wasn’t just a telltale. Children had held tightly onto the belief of every single word contained in the story of The Hidden Island. But that was then.


As the city evolved, the industrial sites outgrew the roofs of their homes, factories blighted the air, and the skyscraping high-rise towers devoured the skyline. Instead of the tale of Hidden Island, they were told the tale of unprecedented prosperity and bloom. The air, now putrid and foul, polluted the memories of the fairytale. Yet still, some kids kept their beliefs intact.

Once upon the dawn of a new day, a small group of believers got lost in the gorge of newly built industrial suburbs. Were they in search of something? Either way, what they found, they were not ready for. Suddenly a persistent glitter emerged in the corner of their vision — a portal, just like the one from the fairytale.


Excited beyond measure, the children took a few steps closer as the surroundings started to wane, conveying them to the depths of their beliefs. Suddenly, they appeared in the land they carried deep inside their mind. The Hidden Island ushered the children into the land of overwhelming beauty and wonder - the one that only those who believe can access.


After a few hesitant steps into the mainland, the first inhabitants of the Hidden Island appeared. Children marveled at the creatures they found there, each one more fascinating and mysterious than the last. Recalling the bedtime stories, however, they also knew that the creatures were in danger — from adults who didn’t believe in their existence and from the natural forces that threatened to destroy their habitat. But mainly, all those adorable creatures were threatened by kids who made it to Hidden Island, but their intentions turned blighted, enslaving creatures and implementing horrendous cyberware into their flesh.

Sensing the imminence of their calling, children started to catch the creatures. To protect them. To save them from danger. Once they got them to safety, they started to train them, honing their survival instincts. Many bad actors still lurk in the dark; many foul-minded individuals feel the urge to abuse the still life of AniMates. Will the Hidden Island newcomers succeed in bringing back harmony among AneeMates?

Own your AniMate and get ready to explore

Own your AniMates and their talents. The adorable and whimsical creatures of Hidden Island are yours to own. With digital assets ownership, you can collect, trade, and use your AniMates however you like. Your AniMates, heroes, resources, and skills are your unique property.


Save a new AniMate every season. The world of AniMates is always evolving. Each season, new creatures come to life on the Hidden Island. Be ready to save them!

Are you already familiar with the benefits of the AniMate ownership?

  • You can collect and trade them with other players.
  • You can use them to battle other players or to complete quests.
  • You can show them off to your friends.
  • You can even sell them and generate real-world money.

Your chance to own your first AniMate will come sooner than your think. Pre-register and be the first to get notified!


Blog By Pavel Soral

Jul 20, 2023, 6 min

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